Where’s your American? By: Chris

To my surprise, this happened twice in Paris. Someone came up to us, then in full speed French, asked me for directions. So this brings me to my point. When we travel, we are always so afraid to look like tourists. As if they don’t belong or like everyone is not a tourist at some point. So what made me so camouflaged? I’d like to thank my tailor, for shirts that actually fit. Unlike in America, people in other parts of the world like to wear garments which aren’t part tent. Thank you Louis for the jacket, which seems to be the common style in Paris or really thanks to whoever left it at your house. Finally, thank you Marie Therese, because of you I knew they were asking for directions and can somewhat navigate France with confidence. In truth, I’m most commonly taken for an Australian, both in Thailand and again this morning in Nice, France. We just tell them we are southern, so that’s why we are nice. Btw: it’s always the Aussies who help us carry the stroller up the stairs in Bangkok.

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