Day 3 Clermont: Puy de Dome

I actually don’t have much to say about Puy de Dome. We took the drive to go visit Puy de Dome, which is an inactive volcano located in Clermont. The day we visited there was a layer of fog on the summit that was so thick you could not see 10 feet in front of you. From the pictures online it looks amazing but sad to say we didn’t get to experience the views. Here are some pictures from the ride up to the top.

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Day 1 Clermont: Jardin Le Coq & L’aventure Michelin

Chris leaves for work at 730am and Killian and I leave the little room we are staying in at the same time. I figure I will just walk around until I find something and hopefully not get so lost to where I can’t find my way back. Not far from where we are staying is a street map of the town. After a minute or so of trying to find my location, I see the Jardin Le Coq is off of my street but since I do not know which direction to walk on my street I just take off. I walk for a while and do not see a garden but I do see an old man and I figure he probably knows. I ask in my best French where the garden is located and he rattles off the answer in French very quickly but to my surprise I actually understood about 75% of what he said. Turns out I had been walking in the wrong direction but I figured I had a fifty-fifty chance of that happening.

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Our Not So Pleasant Adventure In Clermont Ferrand

We have had a bit if a rocky start to our stay in Clermont. We arrived around 7pm by train on Monday and took a taxi to the rental car place to find out that it closes at 6pm. Chris is upset because he has to be at work at 8am and the office doesn’t open until then. At this point we have spent 20 euros to go about one mile. I try to be positive and tell him not to worry because I know his work will understand!

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