Bangkok Girl Blog-Bangkok Voices: Volunteering in Bangkok

seek logoRecently, I had the opportunity to do a guest post on my friends very popular website Bangkok Girl Blog to bring attention to SEEK Magazine. 

I am so grateful for my friends around the world, who are so supportive of this venture and who continually send me the encouragement that I need to not get discourage and to just keep going. It will take sometime to get it off the ground but I believe that God has a plan for this!

Click here for the post. Share you thoughts in her comment section so we can show her some support to her blog as well!

God bless!


Christmas in Bangkok: Not so different from home

IMG_7422Bangkok is a land full of expats, who have their own traditions and expectations when it comes to Christmas time. My first Christmas in Bangkok, I wrote a post about “Christmas sensory overload” and at times it still feels that way, with the massive trees, light displays that could cause a seizure, and the random “Christmas themes” that whatever marketing department for the building being decorated feels works as Christmassy enough but in all reality I have no clue what they are going for half of the time. For example, at Terminal 21 this year by my house, they had a winter wonderland full of what reminded me of the Travelocity gnome and mushrooms that you would see in a Mario Brothers video game. To top it all off this Christmas, Central World Mall, which normally has the biggest display around, was overrun with astronaut Snoopy (hundreds of them!) and spaceship Santa Claus. Can someone tell me how this works as a Christmas theme? Not that I am to upset about this since Killi is on a total Charlie Brown Christmas and astronaut space theme right now; he loved it. Although Christmas isn’t the same for Thai’s as it is for Westerners they still get into the spirit with the gift giving and partaking in the Christmas activities around town. You can read this article about what some Thai’s think of Christmas… it’s about on par with my expectations.

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Two down… one to go.

new years in bangkok!

We arrived in Bangkok January 4, 2013 and now it’s January 4, 2015. This has been the fastest two years of my life.

Bangkok is non-stop. The city pulsates, the heartbeat, which will never stop no matter what comes its way be it natural disasters or political turmoil. The hustle and bustle, the constant white noise that is “the city” is one that is always in the background and although sometimes I long for quiet or just to hear a cricket chirp I think for a second what it would be like to not hear the non-stop noise from the city below my 18th story window. I keep saying that if I woke up tomorrow and never heard another whistle being blown EVER again, I would be in paradise but let’s be for real; this noise is engrained into my subconscious and I hear whistles even when it’s silent. Continue reading

SEEKing the next big adventure before the big 3-0!


I didn’t picture Bangkok for my life or that of my little family. I was hesitant about Bangkok at first but couldn’t imagine my life without it at this point.

Bangkok allows for many new adventures, experiences and opportunities. There will always be new cultural and travel adventures and making new expat friends from around the world but the biggest adventure has been the chance to try something new with my career path (and not worry about losing the house).

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Guest Post On Bangkok Girl Blog

killi 1

My friend Anna is a very talented and well known writer in Bangkok. She has been a great support to me as I try to establish my writing career in Bangkok; I am forever grateful for her kindness and mentoring.

Anna writers her own blog called Bangkok Girl Blog. It covers everything that has to do with Bangkok making it an amazing resource and always fun to read!

She asked me recently to share my story of being an expat mommy in Bangkok on her website. She has a section called Bangkok Voices and I was honored she asked me to guest post for her. As many of you know, our story is a long one but I tried to sum it up nicely for her.

Click here for my guest blog post. I hope you enjoy it and Anna’s website.

Thanks again Anna for letting my share our story with your readers!

Bangkok to Momma’s

I am so thankful for the internet and apple radio. I love to listen to the top 50 country station. When we moved from the States, I thought I would miss the music from back home but luckily I get to stay up with the latest.

I enjoy all genres of music but sometimes there is a song that tugs on my heart. Music has a way of helping us to relive memories from our past or take us back to a scene in a distant memory we can barely remember. I believe, this is one of the best things music does for us really; helps us to remember.

The big city is so busy and sometimes I just wish I could slow down and take a deep breath of fresh air. I think that is why I switched to country music years ago. I love rock & roll and I love punk but there was a point when I just needed to slow down. Country helps me to remember where I come from and where I ultimately want to raise my son. There is a new Tim McGraw song called “back at mama’s” and when it comes on it makes my heart sing.

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What is the Horace family up to?


Killi is doing great with his therapy. He is acting like a new kid! He is more social and using more words everyday; sporadically but I’ll take it. His swimming classes have paid off and the boy is a little fish. Every class we are amazed at how far he can swim before coming up for air!

Chris is super busy at work but that’s normal. He is also back to rugby so that makes him very happy.

I‘m busy with the BAMBI News and Expat Kids magazine and I love it! Tomorrow I meet with Killi’s doc to discuss the next step with therapy and Killi’s trail run at school, which is very exciting. I am sure it will take up my mornings but I am so happy and proud of Killi’s progress I don’t mind!

We will be traveling a lot over the next couple of months so there will be many posts and photos for you to enjoy, full of travel tips on places like Hong Kong (Disney World), Cambodia (Siem Reap), Koh Samui and Koh Tao. I desperately need out of Bangkok! It’s always nice to get away so I can appreciate it again.

Keep a look out for more posts in the coming weeks!

Until next time…

SEEK Magazine



Hello followers!

I have created a page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that I would like to share with you. This is for an online magazine/non-profit organization that I have in the works with the help of Killi’s doctor. We saw a need for an easy to understand, online resource center and forum specifically focusing on human/childhood development and parenting; for parents, teachers, therapists, and really anyone who works with children in one way or another.

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