Day 6 French Riviera: Nice

On our last full day in the French Riviera we took it easy and strolled around Nice.

We walked to the port, visited the local market again, stopped for a cappuccino since Killian was passed out (again), played on the beach until a big storm came and ended the day sharing an ice cream cone. What a nice way to end our time here!


Day 5 French Riviera: Winery Tours in Provence

We are in France and the one thing that we want to do is drink as much wine as we can stomach, not to excess but you know what I mean, because in Thailand wine is taxed at a very high rate. With that being said for a $6 USD bottle in the States you can pay $20 USD or more for the same bottle in Bangkok and to be honest I can’t bring myself to pay that much for crappy wine (although I had a friend tell me about a wine delivery service in Bangkok with great prices so maybe I will give that a try). Our trip to France didn’t really include “wine country” but so it turns out all of France is wine country! I did some research and I found stellar reviews on Azur Wine Tours.

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Day 4 French Riviera: Road Trip to Monaco & Monte Carlo

On our last day of the rental car (thank the Lord because my heart couldn’t take much more driving in France) we headed the opposite direction of Antibes and drove to Monaco along the coast road. Again it was beautiful and the little towns along the coast are so charming but sometimes traffic on the little coast road can be a bear. We get stuck in some standstill traffic for about 30 minutes and start to get a little nervous because we are sort of on a schedule. Our main purpose in going to Monaco is to go to Monte Carlo and see the beautiful casino, the one in the James Bond movies, and they are only open to tours in the morning and then open up for gambling starting at 2pm.

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Day 3 French Riviera: Road Trip to Antibes

Our third day in the French Riviera didn’t go as well as all of our other days traveling. Killian is currently cutting his four K9 teeth and good gravy is he in a bad mood. He won’t sleep because he hurts and I am sure he is sick of the pack and play and just wants to me home. We didn’t sleep the night before and we thought for Killian’s sake we would take it easy and just hangout during the morning around Nice and the beach and we were hoping he would take a nice long afternoon nap but that didn’t happen. During our walk along the beach in Nice we stumbled into old Nice where there is an amazing outdoor market with everything you can think of fish, fruit, meats, olives, spices, paintings, breads, flowers and cheese. Chris enjoyed himself and brought home a few tasty items. Killian passed out in the stroller so we thought we would take him home to nap but that didn’t last long. Ok so let’s go to the gardens at the Masse Museum, which is located right next to our apartment, to try and make my boy happy.

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Day 2 French Riviera: Road Trip

Nothing amazing happened on day 1 of our French Riviera tour. We arrived via train with our many bags and hauled them up and downs many stairs, waited a good while for a taxi and paid him 20 euros to go a couple of blocks (highway robbery!!!) and finally arrived at our apartment that we have rented for the week. We found chicken, green beans and potatoes and Chris couldn’t resist that southern looking dinner. After dinner we walked a block to the beach, it’s covered in pebbles and stones that are as smooth as a babies bottom and the water in the Med is freezing but so clear you can see everything around you.

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