Killi Therapy Week 9 & 10: It’s Been A Total Blur


I will be honest week 9 went by so fast I couldn’t tell you what happened. We were going to therapy and everything was normal and then we moved. Although the move was only a few sois over it still took a few days to prep and the entire weekend to unpack and organize. Killi during this move was a real trooper. To be honest, I thought he handled it quite well. The first night we were in our new place, he went to bed at 6pm and didn’t wake up until 6am. It was awesome. My biggest concern with this move was how it would effect his development, I was seriously worried that this would have set him back but it didn’t.

I thought after the first night it was smooth sailing but boy was I wrong. The next night and for the entire following week (therapy week 10) he was waking up almost every hour freaking out, trying to open the main apartment door, and screaming at the top of his lungs. Chris and I were at our breaking point. We were walking around like zombies the entire week but luckily on Friday night it had stopped. Killi went to bed and only got up once and we all finally slept, it was glorious!

While we were in our zombie like state, we attended therapy and we participated about as good as we could considering everyone was so tired. During the last two weeks, we have been focusing on the “fun factor” by trying to get Killi to see how much fun it can be playing with other people. If he goes to an object, instead of him staying with that one thing and not socializing we will go to him and really try to be involved by making funny noises or tickling him to break his focus. We want him to initiate the games and play with us. He loves this part! He will spin the bike pedals and watch the wheels turn and I will sit with him and make funny sounds and he just smiles and laughs! If we are in the playroom he will get in the play police car and run away from the big, bad mommy dinosaur that will tickle him- he eats this stuff up!

This is what we have been focusing on all week, the goal is to see how many times we can make him smile and laugh. His doctor explains to me that when we laugh and have fun we produce dopamine in our brains, which helps certain parts of our brain to develop and grow. If you are unhappy or upset this creates cortisol, the stress hormone, this causes someone to have tunnel vision and will only remember the bad stuff. For example, “this toy, with this person, in this situation was not fun and I had a bad time so there is no way I will do this again.”

We are still building the foundation for language by focusing on the social aspect of development. Killi is doing great with this and as a result the “talking” has increased, he was interactive and social today in his swimming class and since he has had some sleep he is really happy.

Slowly but surely we will get there and now with the move behind us we can look forward to the next phase in our therapy plan! Until next time…



  1. What a lovely picture of Killian! He is really growing up so cute and so fast, it seems like just the other day you and Chris brought him to the Culture of Life meeting when we had a surprise baby shower and he was just a “little tike.” You two are wonderful parents who are really doing your best to get your little one on track and you will succeed because of your faith and courage. Being in a foreign land, is not easy, but you have overcome a lot of hurdles. You are always in my prayers and I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless..Teresa

      • Actually, the shoe is on the other foot. I do miss meeting up with you and collecting your goodies for the bake sale. We are trying to defray the cost of buses going to Columbia for the Stand Up for Life March in January, and December is our last chance to do so. We’re hoping for 2 buses – one for the youth and one for adults. I’m sure the Knights will help us if we are short. We all have to work for the pro-life cause if we are to succeed in our goal to stop abortion. By the way, let me know if and when you and Chris will be going to India. I just feel so bad that I can never visit there because the environment wouldn’t be conducive to my health issues! At least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. My sister was in Sri Lanka in February and she seems to think I would handle it better there than in India since it’s an island and the air quality would be much better. But the whole point of going East would be to go back and see the land of my birth and visit the last elder of my family – my Aunt who is in her 90’s and who happens to be my Godmother. I’m told that it is not like it was when I was there last and that I should just live with good memories. Maybe I should just heed that advice. Take care Becky and keep us posted with all your news.

  2. Wonderful to hear that you’re making progress! I can’t imagine going through being woken up every hour… Kudos to you. Killi is lucky to have such great parents.
    Thanks for sharing what your doctor told you. “When we laugh and have fun we produce dopamine in our brains, which helps certain parts of our brain to develop and grow”. When I’m stressed out, I find that finding something to laugh out loud helps me release some of the tension I have. My heart aches when I think of those children who live in a war zone and can’t even smile.

  3. Dear Becky
    I’m glad that the move is behind you. I’m so happy that you and Chris are learning so much to be able to help Killi. He is becoming the person he is meant to be because of you and Chris. And with God as your guide. This Thanksgiving the one thing that I’m very grateful for is you Becky!
    Always in my prays Johanna aka Mimi
    Love you

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