Hey! My name is Becky! I am a southern girl who grew up in the Palmetto state, South Carolina. South Carolina is probably one of the best places on this planet; known for its southern charm, food, hospitality, and smiling faces but I might be a little biased.

I left the beautiful city of Greenville with my husband and little boy and set off on an adventure of a life time, little did we know our adventure would consist of more than traveling the world.

This website is full of our travel stories, our story of having a little one diagnosed with developmental delays landing us on the autism spectrum and the battle we fight daily to help our son to learn and grow through therapy, our battle with infertility and our everyday life as parents and expats exploring the Big Mango.

We are a sweet southern family experiencing all that Bangkok and South East Asia has to offer. I hope you enjoy our story “From palmetto pride to pad Thai…. and back again.”



  1. Hi Becky. I learnt about your blog from the Bangkok Girl blog and can’t wait to read more about you and how your family adjusts as expats. I have worked with autistic children and adults here in Australia so understand your struggle with the initial diagnosis and think you must be very strong and insanely driven to have coped with all this in a foreign country without the local suppor of family and friends. You go girl!

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