Quiet Moments with Becky & Chris

having a quiet moment

having a quiet moment

I am starting a new series on the blog called “Quiet Moments with Becky & Chris”

Being an expat you can’t help but have some questions about life in whatever country you are residing in.  Somehow Chris and I come up with the most random questions, some are silly but some are legitimate questions that we would like to know the answers to!  So if you read these and it makes you smile- mission accomplished!  If you read these and it makes you think-that’s a double whammy!  If you read our quiet moments and actually know the answers please enlighten us!

If you are an expat or a traveler with a quiet moment of your own please share!  I would love to post it and give you the bragging rights and in return you might make someone smile, think or finally get the answer you were looking for!

Here we go!  This is a Becky Quiet Moment:

“If you have a pop singing group full of ladyboys are they a boy band or a girl group?”