Mission Impossible?

(Insert mission impossible theme music)
Becky your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go out and make a friend.
Today we got up and I was determined to find my playgroup of this moms group that I have joined. I find where it is and have written out my directions to give to the cab driver and then I think I will call to confirm that there is a meeting at the preschool before I make the trip. First I email, no response, then I call the coordinator of the play group, no response, I then call the preschool and she says she never heard from the group coordinator to know if they were meeting there or not… Great… To be honest I was a little upset. I was really looking forward to doing something today on our own. Then I decide we are going to the park!

It’s only a 10 minute walk from where we are staying and so I venture out. We get there and Killian is so happy he can’t stop laughing. That is all I needed to see and hear how happy my boy was to be out playing and having fun with other kids. I realize that I should look at the world like he does, he just makes the best of it wherever he is, doesn’t matter if he is playing on a playground where no one speaks English, he is determined to have a good time and so am I! After a few minutes of playing and trying to listen to see if I hear anyone yelling at their kid in English, I see a mom and her some on the seesaw and Killian wants to join them. So I ask if we can and she says yes! In English! Woohoo! Jackpot!

She is from New Zealand and married to an Aussie and she is so nice! She gives me a few tips on the area and where to live or not and she is very helpful but at the same time I have to keep running after Killian because all he wants to do is chase pigeons… Come on kid moms trying to get a hone number here…you’re ruining my game 🙂

As we get ready to leave I say goodbye and we hope to see each other again soon and I go for a walk through the park. As I walk I now know how the guy feels when he doesn’t ask for the girls phone number.(insert inner monologue) “Dang! Why didn’t I ask for her phone number? She was so nice and has a little boy too! Stupid Becky stupid!” As I turn to go home there she is with her other friend and their boys! Yay a second chance! I ask for her number and she says yes we can go on a walk or play in the park again! Yay! Mission accomplished! This just in: she just texted to invite me to a play group tomorrow morning! Not going to lie I just did a happy dance!

I’m feeling confident today in my abilities to make Bangkok work for us for the next four years. The two moms I spoke to on the playground were amazed that I was already out on my own for only being here 6 days, which made me feel really good! God is good!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Philippians 4:13

Below are some pictures of the park right by us. It is so nice! It has two playgrounds, an outdoor gym, pond full of turtles, and a really nice walking path. We will be going back tomorrow!



  1. How beautiful! And Killian is having such a good time! Time to take lessons from him Becky! But, I think you already have. Everything seems to be going a lot smoother for you and it’s bound to get better. You might like it so much at the end of 4 years, you may want to stay!!

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