Thursday Market on Soi 23

In a previous post, I shared with you my awesome finds from the Thursday morning market on Soi 23.  This market, also known as the Asoke Market or Japanese Market, has anything you might possibly want or need! Today Killian and I ventured out to the market with our new friends (Loren also writes a blog on her adventures in Bangkok- check it out- great stuff for expats with kids!).  Loren and her son were on a mission for toys and we had no other purpose there today but to take pictures with the Nikon so I can flex my photography muscles.



Thursday Market on Soi 23

On Thursday mornings, we were attending swim class but now that we have changed our swim class to the weekend I have the opportunity to go to the Thursday Morning Market.  I have had so many people tell me about it but after swim class Killian is wiped out and I would normally take him back for a nap but no more!

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