Thursday Market on Soi 23

On Thursday mornings, we were attending swim class but now that we have changed our swim class to the weekend I have the opportunity to go to the Thursday Morning Market.  I have had so many people tell me about it but after swim class Killian is wiped out and I would normally take him back for a nap but no more!

The Thursday market is located off of Soi 23 at the Srinakharinwirot University open courtyard area.  See map below (look towards the top of the picture).

thursday market map

thursday market map

This market has everything you could imagine, with items ranging from imported Bath & Body Works, kids toys, clothes, fruits, vegetables, DVDs, hair accessories, makeup, underwear, shoes and so much more.  I meant to take some pictures while at the market but my hands were full with my purchases and Killi.  Below are pictures of my purchases and I believe I really got a good deal compared to the Emporium or any of the shopping malls in the area.  I think this will be our new Thursday morning activity!

Item Thai Baht USD (as of 6/27/2013)
Hibiscus Plant 80 $2.57
Veggies 200 $6.43
Fruit 320 $10.29
Clothes 450 $14.47
Kids Toy & DVD 230 $7.40
Taxi 60 $1.93
Total 1,360 $43.74




  1. You did GREAT as ALWAYS. Kara and I went to Carolina Place last night, I had some returns, and we both needed some personal things and we only got one each. $48.00 and that was with a sale. So Becky great job, and enjoy the great prices that you have now, for by the time you get back to the states they will be even higher here. I send our prays and Love, give Killian hugs and kisses from us. We Love you
    P.S. Thank you so much for the up dates, it has become part of my morning reading. School for Kara and I starts back August 21st. We leave next week for Mississippi then to Florida back by the end of July.

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  3. Thank you for the great piece on the Thursday Market. The location the map shows for the market is close but a little off. The market is between the “T” in “Sukhumvit 21” and the “S” in “Sukhumvit 23” (it is actually on the walkway connecting the university campus to Asoke. If arriving by boat, the Asoke stop is a little closer to the market.

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