“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”


home sweet home

I knew we were going to be moving and we only have about four months but I didn’t realize it would all be happening so fast. This week we have had two inspectors come to the house, Bud the siding guy and Bud the bug guy. Bud the siding guy was a very old, southern man that was amazed we were moving all the way to Thailand. (insert your best southern bumpkin voice) “So when you move to Thailand are you going to be speaking that there Japanese or Chinese?” I respond “ummmm we will be speaking Thai.” Bud-“Well I did a year and half in Japan 50 years ago in the Marine Corps and when I go to the Chinese restaurants here and try and speak Japanese to them they just don’t understand what I am saying.” Me- “well it is a completely different country.” Bud- “I guess…” (this is no joke, it really happened)

Today we had an appraisal done and a Realtor came to check everything out. The rest of the week is filled with more…. Realtor, appraiser, and inspector. We are hopeful the house will be on the market within the week.

I thought I would be okay with leaving our house because after all it is just a house. Then I realize, it’s not just a house, it’s our home. Our first home together six months after we were married, we made it our own, repainted every square inch, re-did a bathroom, and fixed up a nursery in preparation for our next step in life; a family. We were convinced we could handle two kids in this house but if a third came along we would have to consider moving, we had it all figured out! It is so hard to imagine not being here everyday, sitting on my front porch in my white swing drinking a glass of wine or reading a magazine (after Killi is in bed of course), watching Chris do yard work, or wave at our little Asian man neighbor (who can’t speak any English but he sure can wave). We have had so many parties, cookouts, baby and wedding showers, and so many memories that we will always cherish. Sad to leave but happy to make our new home in Bangkok but my heart will always belong to South Carolina.


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