My Awkward Situation of The Day

Just got off the phone with the structural engineer/inspector and this is how our conversation went.

Me: Hello this is Becky Horace.

Inspector: This is who?!

Me: Becky Horace.

Inspector: I’m sorry but I’m looking for a Betty Horace.

Me: Yea that’s what the other inspector said but they have my name wrong.  It’s Becky.

Inspector: O ok.  I have to come out and do the re-inspection.

Me: Ok what time will you be here?

Inspector: Are there still people in the house?

Me: Yea we live here still….

Inspector: You live there?!

Me: Yes?

Inspector: Wait I thought you were a realtor.

Me: Nope.

Inspector: O I remember you now.  I would like to come out Monday morning.

Me: OK that should work it will be during my sons naptime but you don’t need us since you are under the house right?

Inspector:  Nope.  I remember you were a very large lady.

Me: Excuse me? (O NO YOU DIDN’T!)

Inspector:  Yea you were really large.

Me: I think you are confused again.

Inspector: No you were pregnant and you just had a baby.

Me: I was pregnant about 2 years ago….

(insert panic in the inspectors voice)

Inspector: O no.  O you aren’t a large lady.  I just thought you were the pregnant homeowner.  O you know men we can’t handle pregnant women.  We don’t get off on that sort of thing.

Me: What?!

Inspector: You know they (pregnant women) make us uneasy.

Me: Ok….. Well (this is now too weird for me) we will see you Monday….

Inspector: Sounds good!

I can’t even make this stuff up.

I tell my best friend and this is her response: “ew…are you by yourself?  He seems strange.”

Me: I’ll lock the doors…



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