Moving… Blah

Day 2 of moving and I am so over it. The first day was a little stressful, alright I lie it was SUPER stressful! The movers arrived and said “we have to take the air shipment today.” (Insert panic) “What?! Today?! We need this stuff!” So needless to say we thought that we would not have to pack the air shipment the first day so we were not prepared. Yesterday was a mad dash, with a super cranky toddler, to pack everything that we would want to take with us. Luckily they let us keep the crib one extra night but other than that we had to adjust and quick. The first day was madness. The only downside (but kinda nice) they packed my entire kitchen so we had to go out for dinner! Yay for no cooking, no messy clean up, and kids eat free at Moe’s Tuesdays! I did have to make it very clear to the movers to not take the TV but they wrapped up the couches, which explains the yard lounge chairs in the picture below.

The second day of moving isn’t as bad. Now that the air shipment is complete we can just “relax” while they pack up everything in the house, which will go into storage for the next 4 years. The buyers did do the final walk through with their inspector…. Let’s just say “stupid is as stupid does.” Luckily we only have to deal with the relocation company and we do not have to even talk to the buyers! The one bonus to working with a relocation company….



Chris is selling the Murano as I type and this afternoon after the packers leave we will take the truck to Carmax. Tomorrow will be the last day of packing and then we have to clean the house and it will be finished (insert happy dance and drink in hand)!!!!!!!!!

I just keep reminding myself to keep the faith.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7


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