New Dangers

While reading in the Bangkok Guide I come across a section that discusses some safety concerns. In this section of the book they explain that there aren’t really any poisonous spiders or bugs that I should be worried about but instead they suggest the reader should watch out for the spitting cobras that hide in the gardens. (Insert jaw drop here) COBRAS! IN THE GARDEN? They go on to warn the reader not to try and kill the cobra, since this wastes precious time, because what you should really be doing is washing your eyes out and getting someone to take you to the hospital. Then they suggest do not get someone else to go kill the cobra because again they should be driving you to the hospital. Then finally they explain if you did kill the cobra do not bring it the hospital with you.

First of all how are you, the victim of a cobra attack, going to go find the shovel in the garage to chop the head off the cobra when your eyes are full of poisonous venom? Second of all, who in their right mind is in the garden looking for the cobra that just attacked your friend (sorry but I know you guys and my friends are not about to hop in the garden like the crocodile hunter)? Thirdly, what sane person is going to pick up the dead cobra throw it in the back of the car and take it to the ER to show the doctor?

Besides the cobras there is another danger but in this case I wish I hadn’t been watching Animal Planet… Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Let me explain… We were at the park the other day and saw a huge lizard, which kinda looks like a Komodo dragon. We glance and think how cool! Then there is a little one in front of us on the grass. (see picture below) Later on that week I learn from a friend that they are called water monitor lizards. A few days later we are watching Animal Plant and we see the water monitor lizard! We learn that these creatures are the second largest lizards, (Komodo dragons are the first) they swim and climb trees, and normally go after monkeys and those (Killian) size animals for food. Then the show goes on to tell the viewer that if you are bit by one you will more than likely die of sepsis because the lizard feeds on dead flesh… Awesome….

Funny right? Only sort of….



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  1. Just stay far away from something you are unfamiliar with. When we first came to SC we saw a huge snake crossing our path at the Botanical Gdns. at Clemson. I mean it was HUGE. We decided to just take off the other way. Not sure what kind it was but it stretched right across the path and was very thick. Stay safe and watch out for Killian that he doesn’t want to investigate!

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