Jim Thompson’s House

Saturday is our sight seeing day and yesterday we decided to go see Jim Thompson’s House. Jim Thompson was an American that revived the hand woven silk industry in Thailand. He made his home in Bangkok and through his work it was easy to see his love of Thailand. We took the tour, which Killian and I only made it 10 minutes in and then a meltdown hit, but Chris really enjoyed it.

A fun fact that Chris learned on the tour is that Thais are very superstitious people so they rely on the monks to read the astrological signs to tell them the best times to make big life decisions, for example buy a home or open a business. Jim Thompson was very into Buddhism and called on the monks to read his cards. Years later two astrological cards given to him by the monks were found in his home. One card told him what year to build his home and the other card said to be weary when he turned 61 years of age. At age 61, Jim Thompson went missing in Malaysia. Guess he should have listened to his monk…


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