Language Barrier Breaks Down Walls


We had our first official day with our nanny/maid yesterday. Her name is Pai (pronounced bye) and she is amazing. She arrives in the morning and because it is her first day we are both a little nervous. We start talking and she gets something out of her bag, two small roses, and hands them to me! I say “wow! My husband doesn’t even get me flowers unless it’s my birthday!” She smiles and then hands me a wrapped gift and a card. I say “wow! Why did you get us a present!? You didn’t have to do that!” She says “yes this is for Chris birthday!” I say “what?” She says ” you said it was Chris birthday today?” “Nope not his birthday….” She starts apologizing and I’m apologizing and then we are laughing and she says “well this is welcome to Thailand gift!” I just died laughing and we literally laugh about it the entire day. Later she asks me “I wonder how I hear that it was Chris birthday?” I said you probably heard me say “Chris will be so happy on your first day!” She says “yea that was it….”

I really feel like that little misunderstanding started us off on the right foot. It made us feel right at ease with each other. The gift was awesome, two coasters that are full of Thai chili peppers, which Chris absolutely loved even if it wasn’t his birthday!


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