Thai Massage 2.0


A few weeks ago I went for my first Thai massage and while at my local parlor I noticed they have a foot massage option. I decide after the pain of the full body Thai massage a foot massage might be a little easier to handle. Boy was I wrong…

I enter my local massage parlor and I ask for the one hour foot massage. The women say something to each other in Thai and then she motions me into a room. This room is full of leather, reclining, lazy boy chairs. In each one of these recliners sits a Japanese business man, passed out and I swear one of them was drooling! There is no privacy here, but then again it’s not like you have to do anything but sit down, I take the only seat that is open, look around, and think to myself “what a weird place…”

My masseuse does not speak hardly any English and she motions for me to recline and relax. Ok here goes… She begins the massage and now I know why the men are drooling. It is extremely relaxing and unlike the traditional Thai massage they use lotion, which makes it better for the skin. During my massage I am shaken back to reality by the sound of snoring, tandem snoring between two business men. It startles me to where I actually jump and the Thai ladies start laughing at me. I am almost tempted to smack the guy next to me to get him to stop because I am not paying $8 and my priceless mommy time to listen to some dude snore!

The foot massage is similar to the regular Thai massage in that they work on your legs, arms, head, and shoulders (of the three massages I have gone for the ladies get to my shoulders and all go “ooooooo and then mumbles to the other Thai lady something to the effect of “dang these are some bad knots” -this makes me laugh because yes I know I carry my stress in the shoulders).

I recommend the Thai massage and foot massage to anyone visiting Thailand but this recommendation does come with a warning.
WARNING: If you bruise like a banana (like I do) you might want to rethink this massage. See my picture below but honestly someone could bruise me just by looking at me, but I get it honest- thanks mom. 🙂


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