Busy Bee…Becky

Just a little update. We are all moved in and settled into our new home in Bangkok. There were a few hiccups… like huge “monsters” as Pai calls them (cockroaches) and a small ant issue but luckily, that is all sorted now. I am so grateful we have Pai, every time there is an issue or we find something kind of broken she will call downstairs and tell them (not ask them) to come and fix it NOW! Every time I try to speak with the front desk there is a huge disconnect caused by the language barrier and after a while it gets frustrating so now I just ask Pai to do all the talking.

Last weekend we celebrated Pai’s birthday! (She is so funny) I try to explain to her that I want to take her to dinner and have cake for her birthday. She says “no I want to bring dinner from my friends restaurant and eat it here.” After a lot of arguing back and forth, I finally cave and say “okay bring the food!” She then tells me she wants to pay for it too, “no way! You can’t pay for your birthday meal!” She argues more and we finally settle on me paying for half! She then asks me “what cake you want?” “Pai, I don’t think you are understanding the concept of the birthday.” I finally get out of her that she like vanilla, but she insists that she will bring it! “FINE! BRING YOUR OWN CAKE!” Pai shows up last Saturday night with a feast of food! She sets it all out for us, she then tells us that the meal is for us and she isn’t hungry. WHAT!? I feel awful that this is what her birthday is turning into, her serving me again. We eat and she sits and talks with us for an hour, just about her life and her family. She gets emotional and says that this is the first time a family that she has worked for has ever celebrated her birthday with her. Again, I explain to Pai “well technically this isn’t a normal birthday. Normally I would be cooking for you, I would buy you a cake, and I would sing to you (which we did even though she said no!).” She continues to thank us and then takes the dishes into the kitchen when we are finished. I tell her to “stop! I will clean! You relax!” She argues some more and proceeds to wash dishes. (We have officially derailed the birthday train.) She was so appreciative that anyone even recognized her birthday and to us in the US it’s just a given that birthdays are a big deal. It was very hard for me that for some people a birthday isn’t important or hard (emotionally in Pai’s case) to celebrate because she has no family to share in her special day. I told her that we are her family now and we will always celebrate her birthday while we are here in Bangkok.

After meeting with the orphanage, I was waiting for the email confirming my new role with the HIV/AIDS department and I did finally receive the go ahead to work with them! They are at training this month so I will be starting at the end of March, I am so excited! In the mean time, Chris and I went to the market last weekend and we bought a scarf. We had a random thought that we could bring these scarves home, gift them to family members and friends, and in return receive a donation for the orphanage. We figured that if we received a donation of $15USD that could (according to my tour the other day at the orphanage) put a kid in school for one month! I put this idea out to our friends and family and I prayed that if God wanted this to work out that He would bless our efforts and man did He ever! In 3 days, we had orders for 100 scarves! I couldn’t believe it! I will be taking orders for anyone that is interested until the end of March!

In my efforts to stay busy, I decided to volunteer with the expat mom group here in Bangkok, BAMBI, as one of the assistant editors for the magazine. I figured that it was better than watching TV and it would keep my mind sharp, which will be needed in writing proposals for the HIV/AIDS department!

Chris is really enjoying his new role at work! He is staying very busy and is at training this week at the plant.

Killian’s schedule is slammed pack with swimming, soccer, little gym, playing, and tantrums.

Side rant: I don’t know what fool came up with the term “terrible twos”. It should really be terrible 16 months until 18 years old! Some days are great and he is the most loving kid in the world and then you have the days where he is just out of control but I understand that this is totally normal… just frustrating and tiring for mom.

That’s all for now! Keep us in your prayers!

“A heart that reaches out with love; can heal a soul and change a life.”

-Kiran Shaikh


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