Isn’t He So Fancy

Bangkok the land of cheap fruit, food, massages, pedicures and tailored clothing. For weeks, Chris has been going on and on about wanting a tailored suit. For Chris buying clothes isn’t so easy (being a woman I can relate); he just can’t find clothing to fit right. He is shorter than the average American but he is taller than the average Thai and not big enough for American sizes, which I think is a good thing! Like Stacy London and Clinton Kelly always say it’s imperative to have a good tailor. Last weekend we had nothing planned so we ventured out in search of a tailor that was reasonably priced. We stumbled upon one along Sukhumvit Road near our BTS stop.

We enter the store, we will be his first sale of the day since we are there so early, and he starts right away pushing us to buy a new suit. We just wanted to walk in, look at material, and get a feel for how it all goes down and how much it would cost. I swear this guy was worse than a used car salesman. He was on us like white on rice! After much harassment, we decide to purchase one shirt. He wants to give us a good deal and insists we go ahead and buy the suit. Chris being the nice guy he is tells him to “do one shirt and we will see how it goes and if we like it we will get more.” A couple of days goes by and Chris comes home with his new purple, tailored shirt and I must say it is a huge difference in what you buy at the store in the states!

Below are some pictures of his fitting and the finished product (he wore this tonight on his dads night out).


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