One House to Clean

Last week our nanny soap opera (get it like One Life to Live?!) concluded… well sort of.  Last Friday, Pai came in to talk to Chris before he headed to work.  We explained we could keep her until a new maid/nanny arrives for 1 day a week and we would pay her the same hourly rate as before.  She didn’t really seem to like this although it was her idea.  She asked me on the day that she quit if she could come work for 1 day a week until we found another helper, we said yes but now she is saying no I want more.  She says “I wants part time!” I say “We only need you for one day, I can do everything around the house and take care of Killian.”  (I just can’t iron…I’m the worst!) She doesn’t seem to really understand.  Chris explains to her when she works for 1 day what her pay would be at the end of the day.  She says well “I need more money.  I don’t know if I work here or not.”  I say “Ok you need to make up your mind.  Either you work here for one day a week or you don’t, either is fine with me but I am not going to wait around and see if you come into work or not.”  Not sure if the language barrier is there but she just shakes her head in agreeance.  She then says she will go to Krabi with us to help with Killian if we don’t have a helper.  She says “I go to Krabi.  You pay salary?”  “ummmm no.  If you go to Krabi you can go on vacation, we will pay for everything, and you will watch Killian when he naps but no salary since you do not work for us anymore.  It’s your choice.”  The only reason I have offered this to her is because she quit her job with no way to pay her bills.  She didn’t think one step ahead and just up and quit.  Is that my problem?  No!!! But I’m a nice person and will help anyway.

After Chris leaves, I play with Killian and Pai is doing some work since we had already paid her until the end of the month.  She says “Ok so in two months I will come back and work for you part time?”  I say “No.  I will have a new person in here by then.”  She says “Ok two months I come back because I will be all better.”  In my head, I’m thinking what part of no do you not understand.  In as kind of words as I possibly can I simply say “No Pai, I’m sorry you will not work with me again.  I have to have someone here that I know will come into work every day and can do the job.”  She says “ok.”  A few minutes later, she says, “Ok I will come and work 4 days next week and you pay me what Chris said each day.”  I am amazed.  Where is she getting this stuff?  “No Pai.  If you want to do any work for us, you will come in one day next week and that is all.  It’s ok if you don’t want to do that but please let me know what you decide.”  She says “Only one day!?  Not enough money!”  I say, “Yes I know.  You quit your job with no money to pay bills.  I am not sure what you are going to do.”  After a little while, she comes and sits on the couch and holds Killian and proceeds to tell Killian “I am not good enough for you anymore.  You have to have new nanny.”  I want to scream, “You quit your job.  You are the one that is leaving and will not take medicine to get better!”  Instead, I look at her and say, “Pai you need to take your medicine and get all better.”  Before she leaves, she asks, “Becky, can we still be friends?”  “Of course Pai!  We can be friends!  I am not mad at you for quitting your job, I just want you to get better and take your medicine.  You have to understand I need someone in here that will be able to help me.”

I am trying to be kind but at the same time I’m so frustrated; it’s like talking to a wall!  Over the weekend, we had several interviews to find the new helper.  Like I have said before I need a helper around the house and a babysitter when my kid is sleeping not a fully time nanny.  I want to be with my son but I really enjoy that nap time break out of the house.

Our first interview was a little strange.  She is from Burma and wants to be a live in; we do not want a live in.  She still wants to see the room and says “o yes I can live here, this is normal size maid room.”  Still not listening- I do not want a live in and this “normal size maid room” is a small closet and I think would be inhumane for someone to live in it!  Then she proceeds to beg for a job.  She says “OOOO please give me job.  I worry you not hire me and I need job to send money back to my sick mom.  I think you not hire me.  Will you hire me?”  All I am thinking is holy cow this is not going to work.  I am not going to switch out one person with mental issues for a needy crazy woman begging me for a job.  NEXT.  The next interview didn’t last very long because she couldn’t really speak English.  NEXT.  The forth interview had a serious attitude problem.  NEXT.  Clearly the third time is the charm.  On our third interview, we found our lady.  She is a Christian that is on fire for God and would gladly shout it from the rooftops.  She is happy, seems very kind, can speak, read and write English and has been a nanny/maid for the last 9 years.  We had her come back the next day to play with Killian and it went well.  We hired her on Monday and she will start on the 15th, an amazing birthday present to me.



  1. Way to go!!! Get Pai out of your house FAST !! and please keep her out. I’ve been praying about this and she seems very unstable from what you have written and You don’t need that Becky. Just reading about her holding Killian scared out of my wits.
    The best Birthday gifts come from our self’s for we know what we want and need.
    I send our Love and Pray’s Johanna Give Killian hugs and kisses from Grandpa and Mimi and Kara

  2. Good advice! Make sure you change your locks if she has been given a key at any time. Crazy things happen!! We had an open verandah,and lived on the 1st floor. On the ground floor, our neighbor’s cook sent someone to burglarize our home. Little this man know that we had three dogs! The man climbed the Papaya tree just outside the verandah and clung onto the railing, putting one foot over it when all three dogs charged him and grabbed him by the leg. My Dad heard the barking and ran to the verandah where he saw the man, grabbed and pulled him into the house and he then sent my Mom next door to a neighbor who was an elderly lady but whose husband (deceased) had worked in the Jail. She knew how to get this fellow to talk as he was pointing to his mouth, pretending to have a speech impediment. The elderly woman told my Dad she knew how to handle these kind of people. She caught him by his ear and twisted it backwards at the same time asking “Who sent you?” It didn’t take him too long to let her know that it was the cook from the neighbor’s house downstairs. Police were called and he was taken away but he would be out on the streets again as they didn’t keep them in jail too long. The poor guy was just coming to rob our kitchen utensils!! If only he had asked!!

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