One House to Clean

Last week our nanny soap opera (get it like One Life to Live?!) concluded… well sort of.  Last Friday, Pai came in to talk to Chris before he headed to work.  We explained we could keep her until a new maid/nanny arrives for 1 day a week and we would pay her the same hourly rate as before.  She didn’t really seem to like this although it was her idea.  She asked me on the day that she quit if she could come work for 1 day a week until we found another helper, we said yes but now she is saying no I want more.  She says “I wants part time!” I say “We only need you for one day, I can do everything around the house and take care of Killian.”  (I just can’t iron…I’m the worst!) She doesn’t seem to really understand.  Chris explains to her when she works for 1 day what her pay would be at the end of the day.  She says well “I need more money.  I don’t know if I work here or not.”  I say “Ok you need to make up your mind.  Either you work here for one day a week or you don’t, either is fine with me but I am not going to wait around and see if you come into work or not.”  Not sure if the language barrier is there but she just shakes her head in agreeance.  She then says she will go to Krabi with us to help with Killian if we don’t have a helper.  She says “I go to Krabi.  You pay salary?”  “ummmm no.  If you go to Krabi you can go on vacation, we will pay for everything, and you will watch Killian when he naps but no salary since you do not work for us anymore.  It’s your choice.”  The only reason I have offered this to her is because she quit her job with no way to pay her bills.  She didn’t think one step ahead and just up and quit.  Is that my problem?  No!!! But I’m a nice person and will help anyway.

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All My Nannies

Yesterday the soap opera (get it like All My Children hahaha) that is my life with our nanny came to a close. Yesterday morning I went downstairs to our lobby to catch our 8am tuk tuk to the hospital for Killian’s dentist appointment and low and behold, I see my nanny sitting on the couch playing on her iPad. I am amazed since we didn’t know where or how she was since we had been calling her all day (the day before) and yesterday morning to see if she was ok. I say “Hey! What are you doing here!?” She just stares at me. I say “We have been trying to call you all day yesterday and this morning. Are you ok?” she says “Phone off. I sleep.” I ask “How am I supposed to get a hold of you if you keep your phone off?” I receive a blank stare. I explain I had to cancel my appointments because we didn’t know if she was coming in or not. She barks back at me “I told you I would be here today!” I said “No you didn’t. All I heard on the phone was “At doctor. Tummy hurt.” When I asked if you were coming in and/or to please call me to let me know if you would come in you hung up the phone.” She just looks at me as if I am the one with the problem. I ask if she is ok since she was at the doctor. She says “Yes. Doctor says I need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.” My jaw drops. “You aren’t eating? (Please keep in mind as soon as she walks in the door in the morning I offer her breakfast. At lunch I offer her whatever I have in the house every single day and every day she says no I am ok. I check every day to see if she has eaten and she always says yes.) I stand up, visibly frustrated, shake my head, look down at my son in his stroller and walk away. She storms upstairs to do her work.

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As The Broom Sweeps

I had no idea that hiring a nanny/maid would end up being like a soap opera (my moms favorite: As The World Turns or is it Young & The Restless) that I get to tune into daily. I just figured it would make my life easier and it does in a lot of ways but I also wasn’t aware of the baggage that comes with it.

I guess when you think about it, you are bringing a total stranger into your life and they have issues. These issues are normal people issues but I just figure like any other job, you leave your crap at the door and do your job without affecting the rest of the environment. This does not seem to be the case with domestic help.

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