Soi 33

Just a morning stroll down our local brothel street, soi 33. Guess it’s to early to be wooing a lovely lady.

Wanted to give you a look of what I was talking about in a previous post, here you can see “massage parlors” with names like love teen massage and lookie lookie. No brothel would be complete without a Moulin Rouge. Bar fly is the amazing breakfast we had a couple of weeks ago and tenderloins next door is the club house for the Bangkok Bangers Rugby team, a team Chris just joined!

During the day soi 33 is a great spot to get cart food, which smells great, fresh fruit and your local iced coffee (if your brave enough to drink their ice-it about kills my stomach so beware!).




Turns out we have our own little slice of Paris here on soi 33…



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