Kid Tested. Mom Approved: Airports

We have traveled a lot in the past 7 months and in doing so we have been to 9 different international airports. Most of them are big and boring for kids but Seoul, Charles de Gaulle and Don Meuang are kid tested and mommy approved!!

I don’t have much information on Seoul, Incheon International, simply because when we arrived we had been traveling for so long and it was our first flight to Bangkok so we were a little tired when we arrived but they do have playgrounds throughout the airport for small children to play on.

Around gate 46 at Charles de Gaulle airport in France they had a gaming station with play stations for older kids and fun wooden toys and bead mazes hanging on the wall for younger kids.

My favorite by far has been Don Meuang in Bangkok! From the get go it is just a super easy airport to go through for domestic and international flights. This morning we left for Krabi, check in with Air Asia was quick and efficient; wonderful for the toddler. The security check was so easy it almost makes this American feel uneasy but at the same time with the toddler it makes traveling a lot easier. After our morning snack of Subway and a juice box at 7/11 (I swear they are everywhere in Bangkok) we walked towards gate 35. On the way we stumbled upon a play area for children with a padded floor, two different plastic house/jungle gym and a cute little swing. In addition to the play area there was a small toy store. What a great idea, stop for a little present to keep the tike occupied during that boring flight. Killian had a wonderful time and all I can think is why doesn’t every airport have this?!

Seriously how hard would it be to throw down a padded area you can buy at Walmart and a plastic house just to let the kids blow off some steam before the flight!!? If only the US, I’m talking to you Charlotte Douglas, could provide this amazing service for their customers. Charlotte please just remove one of the 10 shoe shining stations that aren’t begin used, invest in $200 in play equipment and put in a play place! (End rant)

As I find these kid friendly airports I will post updates. Here is a link to an older article I had found with more kid friendly airports. Happy traveling, especially with your little ones!

Traveling update: The Hong Kong airport has an amazing play area around gate 25 (pretty sure that’s where we were)! Also the airport in Koh Samui around gate 2 has an outdoor play area for the  kids, which my little one enjoyed but just watch out for the ants.


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