Killi’s 1st Report Card

smart boy


Killi has been attending preschool for almost a month. There have been good days and bad days. The good days, he is spot on; listens, follows directions, participates, and doesn’t act like a mad man. The bad days are not so great; he has a total meltdown when I leave, hits and pushes the other kids, and acts like a fool. Luckily with the reports I am given, it seems there are more good day than bad but still as the parent I hate to see him acting up and hitting people.  Yes I know it’s a phase but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

When I put him in school, I had the choice of Killi being the oldest in the baby class or the youngest in the next class. I opted for the youngest in the big kid class. I thought with what we were working on with therapy it would be best for him to see how the older kids are acting and since most of the kids are talkative I thought it might help bring Killi out of his shell. I think I made the right decision; he has hit it off quite well with his teacher (a southern girl like me!) and by seeing how the older kids act, sitting still and sharing toys has become a little easier.

Today, I received his first report card. Nothing to amazing to report since it has only been a month; he is still figuring everything out. The report is broken down into three categories: emerging, expected and exceeding. For a child that has been in the class for the entire year they should be exceeding expectations, which will show they are ready for the next level. Killi is emerging in over 65 percent of the report, expected around 30 percent and exceeding around 5 percent. The area he is exceeding in is physical play: running, jumping, and climbing. This is no surprise to me since he is such an active child.

I know we made the right decision to put him in school. He is so happy. He dances and sings now and always has a smile on his face. After school each day, he attends therapy until the late afternoon. This is a very long day without my boy but I know this is what is best for him. I have to put my own feelings of wanting to see my child aside so that he can succeed in this therapy plan that has been created for him. I figure by the time that 28 hour flight comes around at the end of the month I will miss him so much I will be thrilled to have him on that awful flight (I am going to stay very optimistic!). The reports I am receiving from therapy are so encouraging; Killi is talking so much and is making a real effort.

Although our first report card wasn’t aces, I could not be more proud of my son. Where we were last year compared to where we are now with his progress, he has accomplished so much. I know if we can get through this “season of life” he/we will be able to get through anything that comes our way.



  1. Way to go my Killian! I’m so proud of all your efforts. You are an amazing example of how God is always avalible to respond to our every need, remembering always, as He sees fit. Tell your mom and dad, I love them as I do you. We’re going to have so much fun when we all get together in July!

  2. yay Killi! love all the posts lately, keep them coming! can’t wait to see you all in just a few weeks, LOVE YOU!

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