Operation Undercover Veggie- Codeword Cake


Was a total success!!

I used this recipe.

Since my mom friend, who gave me the idea had said hers were too wet, which I assumed was from the carrot juices I thought I would take a cheese cloth and squeeze out most of the juice. The recipe doesn’t call for this and I probably took out too much because mine were a little more like a crumb cake. They weren’t super dry but I think they could have benefited from some juice.

My toddler crawled into my bed this morning to jump on my head to wake me up, so sweet right? I asked him if he wanted cake for breakfast! He sometimes enjoys banana bread for breakfast and since we don’t have many vocabulary words he calls it “nana cake.” I asked if he would like cake and he says “nana cake?!” I say “sort of but it’s yummy!”

He sits at the table and takes a bite and looks at me and says “cake” followed by “yum.” SUCCESS! MOM AND VEGGIES FOR THE WIN!!!

And mister picky pants is none the wiser! Next week zucchini muffins with honey instead of regular sugar! I’ll let you know how that one goes!




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