2015: It’s a new year- do something for you!

Each year as resolution time rolls around, I don’t necessarily make a list of resolutions that I MUS T stick to. I figure if I want to make a change I will do it when I am ready. I don’t like the idea of sticking to January 1 and then three weeks later I have forgotten the commitment I made to myself or maybe life just got in the way. It’s too much pressure and when you don’t stick to it for whatever reason it’s a real bummer.

Each year I do commit to do one thing just for me. I want it to be something to better myself by learning something new and out of my comfort zone. Since becoming an expat, my first year in Bangkok I decided I would take this opportunity to learn something totally new to me: photography. I am traveling around the world; why not learn to take a decent and sometimes even artsy photo to look back on?

My second year, I found myself twenty pounds lighter due to the change from highly processed foods and the butter, cheese and bread I enjoyed in the States to an Asian diet of rice, veggies, and a little protein. I didn’t really put in any work; I simply had different dishes than what I was used to. I figured I was already twenty pounds lighter why not tone it up. In 2014, I made a commitment to hire a personal trainer, Courtney Violet Bentley, and learn the skills needed to change my life to become a healthier and happier version of myself. This wasn’t a fad diet or quick workout to lose another ten pounds. I was actually ready for the change. I guess that happens as we get older and life seems precious. We only get one body; we need to take care of it so we will be ready when old age hits.

In 2015, I want to continue with the healthy lifestyle with boot camps, running, and trying to set a good example for my son with our family food choices. I have to be realistic; I am a lover of food, wine, and chocolate and that’s why I work out and why this year my family will be doing more “family time” running around at the park. My other goal for 2015 is to learn about fashion and apply it in my everyday mommy mode. It is so easy to fall into a rut; day in and day out being the mom but I have thought about it and one thing I can do for myself every day is go for a run to maintain the healthy lifestyle and dress to impress not for anyone by myself. I want to take the time to learn what works and how to do a quick and easy look that could actually fool people into believing I took the time to figure it out. I don’t want to waste all of the hard work at the gym to keep wearing a t-shirt and shorts but I am nowhere near comfortable or ready for bikini season… I might need a few more months of running and Courtney training!

Fashion… where to start? Why not start with fitness fashion?zalora outfit

ZALORA is holding a contest for workout warriors and I was asked to share my post about my healthy plans for the New Year and my ideal workout outfit. So here goes:

Nike As Nike Tee-Sgnal Go Like Hell T-Shirt“: I need motivation and looking in the mirror at boot camp and seeing this shirt would keep me motivated… Like they say “Go big or go home!”

NIKE As Pro Hyprwarm Polka Tgt Capri Pants“: Fun, colorful pants that highlight all of the leg workouts you thought you might die from! What’s not to love?

FUNFIT Racerback Sports Bra“: Simple no frills sports bra to balance out the fun pants.

NIKE Women’s Nike Flex Trainer 4 Running Shoe“: Shoes perfect for running and boot camp and the fun colors are just an added bonus.

What will you do for yourself in 2015? Please make time for yourself and learn something new! Invest in yourself; it’s the best investment you could ever make!



  1. Hope all things great and grand for you & your family in 2015. I have lots of hopes and wishes for the New upcoming year. God hears my prayers and knows my heart as I wait on him to lead. Lots of love to you.

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