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Horace Family April 2014

Horace Family April 2014

Chris, Becky and Killian Horace started their expatriate adventure on January 2, 2013. The Horace family moved from Greenville, South Carolina to Bangkok, Thailand for Christopher’s career.

Becky was working in local government and since the move she now plays the role of stay at home mom, writer, photographer, and editor.

Killian was 18 months old when he arrived in Bangkok and did not adapt as well as everyone had hoped. The trauma of the move coupled with language and social delays led the family to seek out help. Killi was diagnosed with PDD-NOS on the autism spectrum and has been attending therapy at Reed Institute in Bangkok since summer 2013. Killi is currently attending preschool and therapy daily. He is now a completely different child thanks to the patience and perseverance of his teachers and therapist.

This site is the story of everyday life in Bangkok, Killi’s autism journey, the family’s world travels, and our struggle with infertility. The hope is as the journey is documented it might help the reader in some way; maybe it will make you laugh, cry, inspire, give hope, encourage, or simply provide you detailed travel information.




  1. Hi Becky! Great to see you all are living in Bangkok. Since we have little ones the same age, we ought to get together some time soon. I love your blog!

  2. I met your parents through work at McGowan Hood. They are awesome people who have been nothing but fabulous to me. Your mom pointed me to your blog – I’m half Thai and have been to Thailand twice, spending most of my time in Chiang Mai and then again in the North East. I have some family and friends living in Bangkok now. I’m envious of your time there and look forward to living vicariously through you!

  3. Hi Becky,
    I have been following your blog as we have a son who went through and is still going though almost all of the issues you are experiencing. Our son is 3 and a half and visiting the ATOC center.
    Would be interesting to share experiences. We are going through pre-school and it is not at all easy.

    Regards, Marcel

  4. Hi Becky! I love your blog! How exciting for you and your to move to Thailand. I can relate to having a child with special needs as my son has ADHD and may have mild autism/Aspergers. I have read it is important for these kind of kids to experience new things and cultures because it teaches them how to act and be comfortable in different situations. I would love to move abroad with my husband and son. Where does your husband work? Are they hiring in their marketing dept? Just kidding. Kind of. 😉

    • Thanks Kristin!! So glad you like it and can relate!! I agree this time has been invaluable in getting killi ready for other situations (if he can remember it all) but at least being around all of the different people will help him know there are others out there that are different than himself! Hope you are doing well!!

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