Our Not So Pleasant Adventure In Clermont Ferrand

We have had a bit if a rocky start to our stay in Clermont. We arrived around 7pm by train on Monday and took a taxi to the rental car place to find out that it closes at 6pm. Chris is upset because he has to be at work at 8am and the office doesn’t open until then. At this point we have spent 20 euros to go about one mile. I try to be positive and tell him not to worry because I know his work will understand!

We arrive to the apartment stay/hotel and it turns out they close at 8pm. Keep in mind, that we have arrived about 20 minutes before they close the front desk, which to me is unthinkable since it’s a hotel; shouldn’t there be someone in the building?! The lady at the front desk is pissed that we came in later to check-in even though we are still within her working hours. She gives us our keys and Chris asks her to call a taxi for in the morning. I thought she would have a stroke when he asked for her help. (The attitude she is giving my husband is about to send me through the roof! Listen lady we obviously don’t speak French that well and we would like your help here!?) She calls and it takes her all of one minute. (Thanks a heep!) Then I ask her where the store/market is located. She uses her meanest voice and says “the entire city closes at 8pm, you are to late.” Say what?! “How can an entire city close and there is no food to be had?” She says sorry that’s how it is. Then she remembers that there is one store open until 9pm. (Wonderful….)

We get up to the room and it is not what I asked the travel agency, that we had to use through Christopher’s work, to book for us. I go back downstairs and try and explain that there has been a mistake and we need a bigger room. She basically tells me tough poop. She says “well that’s your problem that your agency did it wrong.” “Yes I understand this but is there a room available?” She barks back “I am closing and I can’t look in the computer because I am trying to leave! You can ask in the morning.” Then she says “we will probably have one by Friday.” I tell her I leave Friday. She says well too bad. What kind of customer service is this?!? I would not recommend staying in the AppartCity in Clermont Ferrand.

After that hateful woman ripping me a new one, I was at my whits end and broke down. I just can’t believe people are that mean. The next day Killian and I decide to figure out how to get around all by ourselves. God forbid I ask the lady at the front desk for directions, it might cause her to actually work and I wouldn’t want that to happen!


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  1. I see you finally came across someone who was a real pain! I thought it would be much sooner. They are not very friendly people (maybe some), but I do know that my poor Dad had a problem with them. He was at some place of transportation and was asking a question in English of the woman behind the counter. She rudely said “No speak English, only French!” My Dad was beside himself. Just then a German guy came up to the desk and started asking her something in German. She said to him in French – “You speak French?” He said “No”. She then said “you speak English?” The guy said “Yes.” And guess what! she conversed with him in English! My dear patient Dad was ready to have a fit by then but kept his cool! I think they feel that when you are in their country, you have to speak their language even if you are a tourist!! When I traveled by train from the Hook of Holland all the way down to Munich, the compartment was filled with a lot of friendly travelers, mostly Dutch – just one French girl who would not even say a word to anyone but just kept her nose in her book, glancing up every now and then. Maybe we were making too much noise because we were all happy! One of the Dutch boys put his finger under his nose and nodding in her direction indicated she was stuck up! Hope you have better times. Just enjoy the scenery!

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