Miracles: Apparently They Do Happen

killi and me

As most of you know, I cling to my faith to get me through the day to day; like a rat clinging to a piece of drift wood after the ship has been engulfed by the tossing sea. This is how I feel most of the time. I didn’t realize until a week ago, I had been a recipient of a miracle. As a Christian, I believe in miracles. I believe prayer changes things. I believe in divine intervention. I believe God is in control. I just never thought a miracle would ever happen to me…

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We talk in whispers

There is an issue that many people experience but very rarely will you find someone opening discussing the topic. To me it feels like a word that is so taboo that it must be whispered but this shouldn’t be the case.

Maybe because the topic is so raw, real, personal, devastating, and for some life long that it takes our breath away when we utter the word; making it a whisper that haunts our very soul.

The word is infertility. No one’s talking about it but a huge percent of people suffer from this.

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