Thai Cooking 101


Since it was Pai’s first day she wanted to cook us a feast! One of my main goals for having a nanny/maid is to learn how to cook Thai food! There is only one problem with this…. She doesn’t speak English fluently so when she has an ingredient she doesn’t know the name for it in English most of the time so I have to write down the Thai pronunciation of what I think she is saying and then figure out what the ingredient might be…. So for now I will just write about what we did and once I get a better handle on what we are using I will share recipes for anyone interested.

First we make the soup, Tom Yum Goong, this is a soup with coconut milk as the base and you add parsley, mushrooms, lemon grass, something that looks like ginger but is not, Thai chilli peppers, lime, and shrimp. It was light and delicious. The lime complimented the coconut milk and it was just a perfect marry of flavors. We then made stir fry chicken and veggies over rice. That was pretty simple but amazing! The most complicated of the cooking was the soup but it really wasn’t even that bad and I’m sure it will be even easier when I figure out the ingredients!

Last night I felt like I was eating in a fancy restaurant not my kitchen. I can’t wait to learn more from Pai and her fantastic cooking skills. She really does have a gift.



  1. Sounds like you having a life time experience – wish I was there!!! Have read all your blogs and am keeping up with you. I want all of Pai’s recipes – as a matter fact, I want Pai!!! Can you send her over?

    We are doing good and life in Simpsonville is quiet compared to the new life you are experiencing. Just enjoy every minute. Learn and see everything you can. You will remember these days as one of the best.

    Keep it coming.


    • Hey Bobbie! I am so glad you are following our journey! I miss you and all of the PNC ladies! You guys were the highlight of my week! Pai is awesome and we are so blessed but no she is alllllll mine (insert evil laugh)! Get sharlene to book you a trip over here to visit 🙂

  2. Hi Becky, Love your “blogs”. Your photo’s have made me mighty hungry, looks wondeful. Kepp cooking…
    Love, Aunt Claire

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