Where’s the Exit? Traveling With A Toddler

IMG_0632.JPG (2)

a jet setting but very tired toddler

“Please note where your “Exits” are located.  All “Exits” are clearly marked and are located at the front and rear of the plane.”

I have read so many articles and blog posts on how to travel with your toddler and they are great in theory but I really wish one person had given it to me straight.  Chris and I have decided that traveling to the US from Asia will be awful with our toddler and if it isn’t then we are really pleasantly surprised. I am normally a glass half-full kind of person but this is one scenario I go into with a pessimistic attitude.

So for the moms out there that really want to know what is like to travel around the world with a toddler (My experience thus far has been 17-22 month old.  I’m sure the older they get the easier it is.) the following “tips” are the honest truth without any sugar coating.

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