Update: Flying around the world

Update: 10:15 pm EST: We made it through Korea pretty easily. The only real hassle with all of this travel is the security check point at each airport. I don’t really understand it if I have been checked and cleared and only stay in the airport that has approved items why do we heave to be checked again. Don’t mind me I’m just a little cranky.

While in the airport we were able to find a plug to charge the iPod so he can watch chuggington. Korea kinda frustrated me and I am sure because I am just so tired I could cry but there is no apple juice, milk, or a freaking cold coke anywhere to be found in the airport. They all look at me like what!? If you work in an international airport shouldn’t there be someone nearby who can help me say milk in Korean? Eh whatever! I was so hungry I was shaking and I find a can of coke which cost me 2 bucks and it was hot!? Don’t lie to me and pretend its cold having it sitting in a cooler, that’s called false advertising.

We get to gate 33 to take our finally leg of this voyage and the lady at the gate asks me to check the carseat under the plane. I say um no. She says “the flight is full and it needs to go under the plane.” Again I say nope. She smiles and then cranky tired Becky comes out and I say “listen, you take away the carseat he will scream the entire flight. I paid for a ticket for my son therefore he has his own seat so we will be taking the carseat on the plane.” She says o ok and walks away, smart on her part because that could have gone very badly for her.

We then get on the plane and the lady shows us the seats. We get Killian all settled just to find out that we are in the wrong seat we are one row up and diagonal from Chris, which to me makes no sense but whatever. At this point the plane is full and all ready to go except us, to change seats we have to move all of our stuff and then unload the kid. Awesome. Not sure why it mattered to the people so much but luckily Chris was very nice and understanding because I was just flat out pissed.

After a little whining Killian slept for a couple of hours and so I was able to rest for a little while but right now I am so tired my eyes burn and I can’t see straight. We will be landing in Bangkok at 12:31 am which makes it 12:31 pm EST. After we fight our way through customs, baggage, Bangkok traffic, get to the temporary living, and shower we should be in bed by 2am (that means we would have been up for 33 straight hours). Yikes! I just hope Killian sleeps for us…



  1. You seemed to have had quite an adventurous trip. I remember taking my 2 year old on the plane from the US to the UK on my own and that was adventurous, so I can sympathize with you. Hoping once you get your temporary housing you will settle down. Keep in touch..just love reading your posts. By the way, did you ever find your cell phone?

  2. I am glad yall made it ok. I have been reading your posts and laughing/feeling sorry for you. Good luck getting everything together and settled. Keep us updated 🙂

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