Paris Day 4: Jardin des Plantes, Seine River Cruise and Mass


This morning we wanted to give Killian some much needed freedom from the stroller and after getting our morning bread and pastries we headed to Jardin des Plantes. We unleashed our wild toddler and he had a ball running up and down the hill, watching all of the runners do their laps around us and playing in the dirt. After about 30 minutes we were able to get him to follow us and we walked into the park a little ways and we were pleased to finally see a playground. We have been spoiled with Bangkok because there are parks and kid stuff to do everywhere! Paris probably has those things too but none that we have come across yet. As we were playing on the playground I look across the way and see a kangaroo. I blink a couple of times and make sure my eyes aren’t just blurry (I figure it must be a dog) and look again and sure enough there was a group of about 10 kangaroos just hanging out and enjoying the morning sun. We are a little confused as to why they are in the park but then we see a sign for a menagerie and it starts to make a little more sense.

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