Day 4 French Riviera: Road Trip to Monaco & Monte Carlo

On our last day of the rental car (thank the Lord because my heart couldn’t take much more driving in France) we headed the opposite direction of Antibes and drove to Monaco along the coast road. Again it was beautiful and the little towns along the coast are so charming but sometimes traffic on the little coast road can be a bear. We get stuck in some standstill traffic for about 30 minutes and start to get a little nervous because we are sort of on a schedule. Our main purpose in going to Monaco is to go to Monte Carlo and see the beautiful casino, the one in the James Bond movies, and they are only open to tours in the morning and then open up for gambling starting at 2pm.

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Day 2 French Riviera: Road Trip

Nothing amazing happened on day 1 of our French Riviera tour. We arrived via train with our many bags and hauled them up and downs many stairs, waited a good while for a taxi and paid him 20 euros to go a couple of blocks (highway robbery!!!) and finally arrived at our apartment that we have rented for the week. We found chicken, green beans and potatoes and Chris couldn’t resist that southern looking dinner. After dinner we walked a block to the beach, it’s covered in pebbles and stones that are as smooth as a babies bottom and the water in the Med is freezing but so clear you can see everything around you.

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The Next Big Adventure: FRANCE!

Great book to help plan your next trip to France.  Hits all the highlights!

Great book to help plan your next trip to France. Hits all the highlights!

This blog site isn’t just about Bangkok and our life here but of all of our adventures over the next four years.  We have plans to travel the world and my hope is that for anyone that reads the blog that you will find some useful tips or information to help you plan a future trip of your own.In 7 days Chris, Killian and I will be off on our next big adventure.  We will be embarking on a 19 day tour of France.  This will actually be our first family vacation just the three of us and I am thrilled but nervous at the same time, not so much nervous of traveling but nervous of what toddler tantrums await.  I am going to stay optimistic and say that this will be the best first family vacation ever.  With that being said, from May 29th– June 16th you will be seeing a lot of blog posts pertaining to this adventure!

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