An addition to my job description

As Chief Mommy Officer, CMO, I have added a new bullet point to my resume.
I am now officially Killian’s Personal Assistant. As you have read before I am trying to “make it happen” with the different play dates just to make sure we get out of the house and so I can meet some new friends. I am so thankful to God that His plan involved coming to Bangkok with a child, otherwise I have no idea how I would make any friends, kids are the icebreaker for every single conversation. With that being said I search the Internet daily at nap time to find us activities to do during the week. I think I have just about planned out our week for the most part, which is needed to keep Master Horace on a schedule to prevent any meltdowns.

I am happy to report that Master Horace’s first swim lesson was a success as well as his first soccer lesson! Mommy is thrilled because at both events I met AMERICANS!! It seems like we are few and far between here but that’s ok. I met a nice British dad today and he says to me “I love your accent!! Are you from one of the southern states!?” This makes me laugh because I am in aw of everyone’s accent here but it turns out I sound just as funny!

Below are some pictures from our soccer lesson. Since I am in the water for the swim lesson I will probably never have pictures to share with you… 🙂



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