The Next Big Adventure: FRANCE!

Great book to help plan your next trip to France.  Hits all the highlights!

Great book to help plan your next trip to France. Hits all the highlights!

This blog site isn’t just about Bangkok and our life here but of all of our adventures over the next four years.  We have plans to travel the world and my hope is that for anyone that reads the blog that you will find some useful tips or information to help you plan a future trip of your own.In 7 days Chris, Killian and I will be off on our next big adventure.  We will be embarking on a 19 day tour of France.  This will actually be our first family vacation just the three of us and I am thrilled but nervous at the same time, not so much nervous of traveling but nervous of what toddler tantrums await.  I am going to stay optimistic and say that this will be the best first family vacation ever.  With that being said, from May 29th– June 16th you will be seeing a lot of blog posts pertaining to this adventure!

We will start with 7 days in Paris, where we have plans to see the Louvre, Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower, the catacombs, a lunch river cruise down the River Seine, Versailles, Notre Dame and whatever amazing food, wine and chocolate I can get my hands on.  We will then travel to the French Riviera via train to spend 7 days in Nice.  From there we have plans to rent a car and drive down the Grande Corniche and Moyenne Corniche to Monaco to gamble in The Casino de Monte-Carlo, then drive to Marseille, a train ride to Cannes (too bad the film festival isn’t happening during our visit), an afternoon tour of a few local wineries and then a day to explore all that Nice has to offer.  After our stay in Nice we will take a train to Clermont-Ferrand where Chris will be working but Killian and I will be visiting the Michelin Museum, the Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral (made entirely of black lava rock), a picnic in the Jardin Lecoq and we will end our stay with a visit to the Puy de Domes.

We are so excited for this next adventure.  Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels!

Stay tuned…



  1. becky, that sounds great. we went to paris with larry and julie when we visited them in brussells back when olivia was a baby.

  2. I am sooo incredibly jealous!! 19 days in France sounds wonderful! Be sure to go to Sacre Coeur – its a beautiful cathedral and has a great town area around it. I know there will be wonderful French food all around but you should definitely get a Nutella Crepe as they are super delicious!!

  3. Been to some of the places you mentioned when I was a teen. Paris to Barcelona on one occasion and another trip from Paris to Lourdes. Try to go to Lourdes while in’s just so awesome to think Our Lady appeared there. Also try to go to the Oratory of the Holy Face on 8 Rue St. Etienne St., in Tours. This is where The Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ is displayed. Read the book ‘Holy Man of Tours’ about Leo Papin-Dupont whose house became an oratory by the Archbishop of tours and where many miracles have taken place when people have prayed there. Small request if you go there – please pray for a very special intention on my behalf and if I might humbly ask, please pray for me, since I don’t foresee myself travelling much more. Thanks and God Bless..Terry

  4. Becky, I forgot! While in Paris, go to Rue de bac (hope I spelled this right)…here’s where you will see the incorruptible bodies of St.Catherine Laboure and St. Rose of Lima incased in glass. Just awesome.

  5. Just FYI a friend of mine is having a missionary friend going to Thailand and I just sent her your link to follow you. She may be contacting you1 Have fun in France!

    On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 8:55 AM, Becky, Chris, & Killian’s Excellent

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