We’re Off To The Zoo

We took a nice trip to the zoo with our friend Pam! She told me all about the zoo at our lunch date and I figured we love the zoo in Greenville so let’s go as our weekend adventure outing! Pam is wonderful, instead of taking a 45 minute taxi ride to the zoo (which is a huge pain with Killian, especially on the ride back because he is tired and in an awful mood) Pam picked us up at our building. Since she has a roomy SUV, we were able to use the car seat. Score one for the parents, this will keep him quite and contained instead of having to deal with Killian doing the alligator death role in the backseat! O how I miss the car seat and having our own car, although I don’t think I could handle driving here. Pam is a pro at it, she has had a few years experience now but still there is no way I could do it without hitting something!

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