We’re Off To The Zoo

We took a nice trip to the zoo with our friend Pam! She told me all about the zoo at our lunch date and I figured we love the zoo in Greenville so let’s go as our weekend adventure outing! Pam is wonderful, instead of taking a 45 minute taxi ride to the zoo (which is a huge pain with Killian, especially on the ride back because he is tired and in an awful mood) Pam picked us up at our building. Since she has a roomy SUV, we were able to use the car seat. Score one for the parents, this will keep him quite and contained instead of having to deal with Killian doing the alligator death role in the backseat! O how I miss the car seat and having our own car, although I don’t think I could handle driving here. Pam is a pro at it, she has had a few years experience now but still there is no way I could do it without hitting something!

Anyway, we make our way to the zoo. We arrive and it costs $3USD per person. It’s actually a good size zoo with all of the big-ticket items a person would want to see. They have giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, gorillas, monkeys, and so much more. Since we work around naptime, we were able to stay a couple of hours until noon and we didn’t get to see it all, including the free sea lion show. If it wasn’t so hot I would say a family could show up in the morning, have lunch, and continue checking out the rest of the zoo and just make it a day event.

This zoo isn’t the best I have seen. Some of the animals look very hungry, especially the lion, poor guy was eating grass when we walked by. Some of the exhibits are run down and the zoo looks pretty dated but let’s be honest it’s a three dollar zoo.

The best part of our day was the elephant show. Before the show, they have the elephants out where people can buy fruit and feed them. This was by far the best part of my day; I have never been that close to an animal of that size. It was truly amazing to pet his trunk and watch the elephant try and steal Killian’s snack cup (Killian was not impressed). The cost to see this show was $0.70 USD. The show was spoken in Thai but even so, it was incredible to see these animals dance, play soccer, hula-hoop, and walk on two feet. Killian loved the show; he was so pleased with their tricks that he even knew when to clap (without being told to do so)!

It was a nice day and I am sure when it is cooler we will go back for another visit and to see the sea lion show everyone talks about.


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