Indochina Junk Dragon Pearl 3: Halong Bay, Vietnam

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We highly recommend this cruise! Read my blog post for more info detailing our trip!


WP&E: The Oriental Expression at Maggie Choo’s


Life is all about connections. Who you know will get you further than what you know a lot of the time.

WP&E is the leading Women, Professionals and Entrepreneur networking group in Bangkok. They were looking for a photographer to help with their shoot and I had a new friend, who I had previously reviewed his restaurant Cinema Winehouse for BKK Events (read the review here) refer me to the woman in charge, Sam. I had told Sam that I was just an amateur photographer and had only done street and travel photography. I had never worked in a studio before with lighting. She said that was ok! She encouraged me to give it a shot and I am so glad that she did.

I took around 1,100 photos that day and with the help of the lovely ladies at the makeup studio; I was given a lesson in shadow boxes and lighting. It was a great experience and the photos were used for the events advertising, which will take place tomorrow night.

Click here to see the photos taken!