They’re watching. They’re always watching…

You’ve heard of the CIA and MI6 but I bet you have never heard of the NMN, the Nanny Maid Network. We all know the Las Vegas motto: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This might be true for Vegas but what you must remember about Bangkok is that what happens here might stay here but everyone is going to know about it.

Back in the South, I never really had to encounter the sex industry like you do in Vegas. I’ve been to Vegas and it’s all around but it’s what you come to expect and really it isn’t surprising; they don’t call it Sin City for nothing! In moving to Bangkok, I had a rough idea of the sex industry and I had read about “Soi Cowboy” in my research before moving here and yes I had seen Hangover 2 but it doesn’t really prepare you for what you actually see once you live in it day in and day out. Before you move here you think that the “red light district” is Nana, which is a few BTS stops away from where I live but in all reality, it is everywhere. My home is located between two sois, on one you have restaurants, salons and shops but then on the other you have brothel after brothel.

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