Domestic diva in training: Marion’s Kitchen


I am far from a domestic diva. I don’t necessarily burn everything I cook. I’m not a total disaster in the kitchen really. I can read a recipe and follow directions. I know how to use Pinterest. I actually use that to find different recipes if they look pretty easy and is not one which requires five different appliances. Forget the crafty part of Pinterest… I like to browse but let’s be real; I can’t even color in the lines with my toddler so there is no way I am going to make a pretty craft or a DIY father’s day gift. Honestly, I would say I am not a creative wife or mother when it comes to “domestic” things and I am okay with that because I know there are other areas I do pretty well in. I am most definitely a “domestic diva” in training.

I had the opportunity to try something new that is supposed to make cooking very simple and delicious. I am happy to share that information with you because it was probably the easiest dinner experience I have had besides picking up the phone to order pizza.

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Touristy Tours in Bangkok

The great thing about being an expat in a foreign land is that I can still play tourist anytime I want. Sometimes…okay most of the time; I scoff at tourists, who seem incapable of obeying the unspoken rules of the land of smiles in their silly neon color Chang beer tank tops, or (my favorite) the girls walking around the malls in their bikinis. Listen ladies, there is no beach around here so it’s not acceptable to parade your body in a skimpy bikini in places of business but I digress.

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Thai Cooking School Adventure

photos from nikon d3100

It’s always fun for us to have guests come visit, especially when they visit us in our new home in Bangkok. We now have the ability to share some of these unique cultural experiences with our friends and family. This Christmas, my in-laws came to visit us for two weeks and we had everyday planned out for them so they could experience as much of Thailand as they could possibly handle.

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Thursday Market on Soi 23

In a previous post, I shared with you my awesome finds from the Thursday morning market on Soi 23.  This market, also known as the Asoke Market or Japanese Market, has anything you might possibly want or need! Today Killian and I ventured out to the market with our new friends (Loren also writes a blog on her adventures in Bangkok- check it out- great stuff for expats with kids!).  Loren and her son were on a mission for toys and we had no other purpose there today but to take pictures with the Nikon so I can flex my photography muscles.


Thai Cooking 101


Since it was Pai’s first day she wanted to cook us a feast! One of my main goals for having a nanny/maid is to learn how to cook Thai food! There is only one problem with this…. She doesn’t speak English fluently so when she has an ingredient she doesn’t know the name for it in English most of the time so I have to write down the Thai pronunciation of what I think she is saying and then figure out what the ingredient might be…. So for now I will just write about what we did and once I get a better handle on what we are using I will share recipes for anyone interested.

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