“It’s the end of the world as we know it but I feel FINE!”

You know that fantastic REM song that we all tried to learn the words to but fell short!  This song keeps playing in my head as we are preparing for the end of the world… So I guess the Horace family is on the same page as the Mayans in predicting the end of the world on the 21st.  12/21/12 is the day we sell all of our belongings, our home, our cars, and pack everything else and place it in storage or in the few suitcases we are taking with us and leaving this world of Greenville and start our adventure into the great unknown.  Funny how that worked out but no it wasn’t planned.

Last week the process of fixing all that relocation had requested began.  The mold remediation company was out here working which took all week.  The inspector came back out to do a swab and said they did a great job!  The contractor to work on the structural issues is here as I type and will hopefully be done by Friday to where the mold people can come back out and install insulation under the house and a vapor barrier.  I am ready for the work to be finished, honestly I am tired of people being at my house making noise… I sound like an old woman but the process of getting the house ready for relocation so we can close on the 21st is a huge process and I will be very happy when it is over.

The packers/movers are coming in a couple of weeks to do what they do best.  I really think this will be the most frustrating and hardest part because we have to do all of the sorting and packing while entertaining Killian.

We are trying to finish our Thai classes, which have gone great so far, and we only have a few more classes left.  What a blessing that our Thai teacher will actually be visiting her family in Bangkok the same time that we are settling into our temporary housing!  Perfect timing and it will be so wonderful to have a friend there to help us find our way!

I am stressed and tired and frankly just want this process to be over.  My mind is running at 100 MPH at night instead of sleeping, which I desperately need to be able to do my job as mom (I know many women/moms can relate).  Say a prayer for us as we wrap up all of the last minute details!  I know that God is in control and I need to remember that there is nothing to fear when I follow His will and let him take the lead.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

James 4:10


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