There are just some things you do not say on an airplane

One being terrorist. I know this seems obvious but since my son has started throwing tantrums I tell him (just like Harrison Ford in Air Force One) that I do not give into the demands of baby terrorists. So I call him my little terrorist when he is in one of his moods… Well that is a word I will not be using today.

We start our adventure at 4:45 am on a Wednesday morning. We got up, got ready, and headed out of Rock Hill towards Charlotte. The returning of the rental car was easy enough and even getting to the gate wasn’t so hard. The TSA line was a hassle but luckily someone said there was a family line so we found that and went through pretty easy. I then had to go through a screening of all of our baby products, which again wasn’t so bad. Then we wait…

That was the beginning of the hard part of the trip. By the time we got to our gate Killian had been up for 3 hours and was past his nap. A first he did pretty well and ran around but then more people came and we had to limit the extent of his wandering. That didn’t go to well…. We finally boarded the plane to JFK and Master Horace slept through his first airplane takeoff. I was so happy because I thought it would be easy! Ummmm wrong! My son wakes up with only taking a 45 minute nap. Yikes! We make it off and run around JFK like crazy people trying to find the terminal and make our flight! In the process we hop on the wrong air tram and Chris catches the door before it closes (thank the Lord), then when getting off of the correct air tram Killian’s carseat wheel gets stuck and we hear the announcement that the doors are closing… ahhhhh! We made it! We find where we are supposed to go and we have to go through TSA again. Awesome… We take killian out of his seat to find that he has peed through everything. I mean everything, diaper, pants, car seat, and the foam pad in the car seat! Ahhhhhh I just changed him before we got on the plane! What is going on! Thank God for my mom and she made me pack multiple clothes for Killian. We barely make it to gate B27 and they have already loaded babies and old people. We make it on the plane to Seoul. Somewhere in between TSA and the plane I lost my cell phone…. Again awesome. We get on the plane and they moved us to a bulkhead spot which gave us seriously another foot of leg room! Yes! Killian is being ok at this point but it is fading and fast… And so is the iPod battery that has his movies on it… Blah.

We make it through lunch and then we have the ultimate meltdown. I mean meltdown to where every Korean on the plane is staring at me… Especially the lady beside me, like she can’t see I am trying to do everything I can to make him stop she just glares like I am the worst person on the planet. Chris takes him to the back of the plane (I was guessing to throw him out… Just kidding) and comes back with a sleeping baby. I mean the meltdown might have been 10 minutes tops but I tell you what when you are in that position it feels like a lifetime because everyone is looking at you and thinking shut that kid up I’m trying to watch a movie!

Right now it’s 4:25 pm (EST) and my son is asleep, Chris is watching a movie, and I am going to pass out while my little terrorist… I mean angel sleeps.

Update 6:25 pm (EST): I know it seems to soon for an update but I have nothing to do on this flight but update you on my experience because movies are out of the question when we have to be in Killi duty. Let’s see we have 8.5 hours to go, which means we have been flying for 5.5 already. I was able to sleep for about 30 minutes but with the kid hacking up a lung next to me and the bathroom door slamming its not easy to get beauty rest. Killian slept for about an hour and half and woke up angry. We had a thought that if we could play the kids movie for him that would keep him quiet and even though he has no sound he is being quiet and enjoying it! Thank you God!

Update 8:04 pm EST: I feel like I am swimming in a sea of germs. I’m not really to worried about germs normally. This time it is different, Everyone is coughing now and snotting and now I am all stuffed up and feeling blah. Yuck…
In addition to that Killian has been awake now for 15 hours and has only napped about 2.5…. Yup gonna be a rough night…

Update 12:48 am EST: Killian finally went to sleep at 9:30 pm and is still sleeping 3 hours later. Chris is passed out and I was able to sleep off and on. They are now feeding us dinner? I think it’s dinner…. It’s supposed to be 2:50 pm in Seoul… I’m a little confused and tired…

Update 3 am EST: The captain says we are arriving in Seoul, South Korea and it is 16 degrees here! What?! We went from cold in Charlotte, to 26 degrees in NYC, to 16 degrees in Seoul, and then the high for the day in Bangkok is going to be 93 degrees! Our bodies might go into shock! We still have 9 more hours of traveling and then we have to figure out how to get to our temporary living! Prayers are welcome 🙂



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