No sleep…

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. ”
~Leo J. Burke

To say that Killian is adjusting to bedtime would be a lie. My son is so confused on his days and nights he took a 4 hour nap last night to where we thought it was bed time and decided to party until 1 am and then he slept until 4 am when we started our day (trying to keep your baby to sleep without a crib is ridiculous)! I have been running on 3 hours of sleep a day for 3 days now and I’m starting to have a hard time seeing straight. Today we tried to keep him to his normal nap time and bedtime and boy was he pissed when we woke him up at 1 pm (which would be like me waking him up in the states at 1 am). He cried and screamed and had his eyes rolling back in his head for about an hour and then he stopped and just looked like a zombie. In addition to not sleeping he hasn’t been eating but finally today he ate some pork on a stick, a hot dog and corn. (Insert sigh of relief)

We were able to get the phone situation all figured out today. They were unlocked like we paid for in Charlotte but we didn’t realize we had to do a hard reset for that to work. We now have our new Thailand phone numbers and data plans which really makes me feel more at ease now that I know if I get lost I have a data plan to help me find my way back or if I need Chris at work I can get a hold of him.

Since we were awake at 4 am this morning we made some calls back to family and then decided to go take a walk. We just went up the street and there is a lot of interesting things to see. It is true there is a 7/11 on every corner and they have everything! We found massages for $10 for an hour, tailored suites for $100, and a Carl’s Jr (not that we care we don’t really like Hardee’s). Outside of every place of business there is a shrine set up to their god. When looking that the statues they do not look like Buddha but more like the Hindu gods I remember from my religion class in college. I don’t have a picture of one yet because I didn’t want to upset anyone and wasn’t sure on the protocol. I did find it interesting that people will go up to the shrines at all times of day and pray or give an offering, the shrines are covered in fruit, flowers, and open soda bottles with a straw. This seems very odd to me… Maybe Buddha or Ganesh is thirsty? Or if it is for Buddha maybe it is a gift for the monks that pick up the offerings? Who knows but I will eventually find out.

Tomorrow we are hoping we can go to mass if I can find it and navigate us there. We are also going to figure out how to navigate the BTS, which is the sky train or like the monorail at Disney world, if Killian allows it.

The sun is now setting over the city and I have a feeling I will be up again before the dawn so I think I will just skip dinner and go to bed. Much love to you all and I apologize for any of these blog posts that aren’t perfect on the grammar I have literally been so tired I just decided to post the updates without final review! 🙂

Below are some pictures from our day walking around, the rooftop pool and views, and our huge mall, which hosted a kids timed Lego competition!



  1. Ganesh is like an “elephant” god (Hindu) with an elephant trunk. The buddha is the one with the big belly – so which one is it you see?

  2. Give me your phone number. I have an Anglo-Indian friend in Thailand (I think I mentioned this before) who is from India and who is married to a Thai girl. They have a new baby. He is much much older than his wife and has had heart problems which brings him into Bangkok once a month, I believe. I can give them your phone number and see if they will call you.

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