Yesterday was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even write about it when I got home.

The night before I try to do laundry in the washer dryer combo machine that really can only hold about 3 pieces of clothing at a time and boy that was an adventure in and of itself. First I run one load of clothes and I don’t know how to work the machine so no soap gets to the clothes to actually wash them. I ask Chris to get me the manual to figure it out and he shouts from the kitchen “would you like the Thai or Japanese version”. Awesome. So then Chris takes a crack at it and finally there is soap in the mix now. Now it’s time to dry the clothes, who knew how long this would take! It took all night of the machine beeping and then I took some clothes out to make it dry faster and nope that didn’t work… So I just took all the clothes out and hung them up around the condo. Blah. I miss my washing machine and dryer and especially them being 2 separate machines…


We start our day at 4 am because Killian is still not right with his sleep but we did go to bed around 630 pm so that helped mommy and daddy. We basically have to hang out in the condo for something to open since it is so early but this has actually been a good time to call friends and family.

Since we are up so early we get ready and decide to figure out the public transportation and go to mass. That was an adventure…. We have to make it a couple of blocks to the BTS, sky train, which doesn’t seem so bad but they don’t really have sidewalks here and the sidewalks they have are about a foot off the ground which makes it hard with the stroller. We make it to the station and there are so many stairs, and since this culture doesn’t really work with the disabled like the US does there are no elevators and only one escalator once you climb the 100 stairs to get to the platform. This is when I realize this isn’t going to be doable without Chris helping me carry the stroller. So we make it up the station to buy a ticket and make it to the platform to get off at the 3rd stop. We then walk a long way with the bad sidewalks to get to the church. We still don’t know where to go and then we run into another American trying to find the church and is having no luck with the Thai gentleman that can’t speak English so I tell her to follow us. We finally make it to church. It is an open air church and then it has outside seating. We sat outside and Killian starts to have his nap time meltdown. We make it through the homily which was actually pretty special for my first mass in Bangkok. I believe that God was confirming my purpose here in working with the mercy center and the orphans because the priest opens his homily with the first mass of the month they talk about missionaries and they just so happen to talk about Father Joe and the Mercy Center and all that they do there for the children in the slums. I was overwhelmed with happiness knowing that all my praying for guidance and a purpose in moving to Bangkok is being answered and I feel like I am on the right track.

After the homily we had to leave because Killian could not take anymore and we get a cab. This cab ride was not like a normal cab ride. He asks where we want to go and I breakout my Thai skills and he says he knows where that is and then hands us a piece of paper and asks us to write. We look at each other and have no clue what he is asking for and so Chris writes his name and he says “no write BBB” what?! Mind you he is not moving the can until we solve the riddle. I have a fussy baby and this guy wants us to write the letter B? So Chris writes B and he says “E J E K”. Chris writes the letters but they aren’t right and I’m getting as frustrated as Killian. “No not J, K.” Ok so we solve the riddle the name is Bejeck? He says “thank you. I can’t write English very well and I have to pick up this person at the airport ( it was for his sign).” WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY THAT FIRST MAN.?! The cab ride cost us 2 bucks and about 5/10 minutes versus the sky train and the walk of an hour and 1 buck. From now on we take a cab to mass.

We arrive back at the condo for nap time and we get to see Louie and Brett on FaceTime, which was great! Then the other Michelin family that is here calls and asks to take us around to show us where to go for food and other essentials. They helped us so much yesterday! They took us to lunch (Mexican and it was delish), showed us the rest of the mall (turns out it is way bigger than we realized), there is a park across the street, and a grocery store nearby that sells a lot of imports from home, and then they took us to Big C (a French Walmart). This is when I start to get a little overwhelmed. Thank God for Kristen for her help in showing me where everything is, what to buy, and what to look out for. She brought me a map of Bangkok and then bought us a book: The Essential Bangkok Living Guide. They also helped us by showing us the different areas of town around where we are living now to help us find a place to live and what to look out for. There are so many things to consider: proximity to public transportation, shopping, parks, preschool, and what does the street look like after 8 pm (insert the Police: “ROXANNE YOU DON’T HAVE TO PU T ON THE RED LIGHT!). I am so grateful for their help yesterday.

Last night was the same as the night before, we passed out by 7 pm without dinner and Killian woke up at 1:30 am ready to start his day… We got up around 5:30 and officially started the day. Chris went to work today and I am home alone. It’s not so bad because I plan on letting Killian take a long nap and I am going to start figuring out the map and area to where we can find a place to live that fits our needs. My Thai teacher, Nuch will be here at some point today to spend some time with me and show me around so that is exciting.



  1. Slowly but surely you sound like you’re settling in. It will take time..new culture, etc. But it will happen.

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