True love isn’t made with jewelry and flowers (but it doesn’t hurt either)

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Not so much because I was lonely but because Killian is having a hard time adjusting to sleep. He is beyond clingy and whinny and I understand that he is frustrated but at the same time after a while I (as any mom can relate) get worn out with the crying, it just drains me. After an entire day of upset baby, we decide we will meet Chris off of the BTS to go have dinner. Chris didn’t get to us until around 6 and that is prime Killian bath and bed time so he was already in a mood. We try and go to dinner and have to leave as soon as we sit down because Killian can’t handle it. By this time I am tired, emotionally drained, and starving. We decide to go back to the condo to try and give Killian something for dinner but he refuses and we then put him to bed. I finally have a moment to myself and Chris has to run out to get dishwasher soap for me. So he knows I am in a mood and hungry and wants to do something thoughtful.

My husband comes back to me with, no dishwasher soap, two “chicken” sticks from a street vendor and a DVD with 5 Tom Cruise movies on it. Thanks? I look at the chicken sticks and I’m think there is no way I am eating that, and its not because I won’t eat street food but its because the word chicken is used very loosely in this instance. Chris says “come on try it. I want to have new experiences with you and get food positioning with you.” How sweet? Ok so I’m adventurous and I take a bite. Holy cow this is awful. It was like a jello mold stick with hard crunchy things in it and as soon as I put it to my mouth my tounge was on fire and that was considered only a little spicy. Yup not finishing that one… Chris, who can normally stomach anything, decides not to finish his either. Ok so let’s try the movie. Chris explains that it only cost $1.75 for all 5 movies and it had the new Jack Reacher movie! All I can say is “yup I bet it is all in Thai or some guy holding a camera in the movie theater.” So we put it in and sure enough a movie theater copy that is super jumpy, we giggle. Chris says ” ok let’s try the other movies since they are already out of the theater.” I say “ok but I bet it is someone taping it in their living room.” We try the Day and Knight movie with Cameron Diaz. We start to hear some Thai being spoken before the movie even has dialog, so we listen some more, and yup turns out Cameron Diaz has been dubbed over by the person sitting in the living room watching and taping the movie. I can’t help but die laughing and Chris says ” we’ll lesson learned if it seems to good to be true it really is but at least we got a good laugh out of it.”

Next time I think flowers, chocolates, or jewelry should be used to cheer me up… Nope I take that back I would rather have that disaster of a night to make me laugh, which is all I needed after a rough day with my Killi monster.




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