Thursday Market on Soi 23

In a previous post, I shared with you my awesome finds from the Thursday morning market on Soi 23.  This market, also known as the Asoke Market or Japanese Market, has anything you might possibly want or need! Today Killian and I ventured out to the market with our new friends (Loren also writes a blog on her adventures in Bangkok- check it out- great stuff for expats with kids!).  Loren and her son were on a mission for toys and we had no other purpose there today but to take pictures with the Nikon so I can flex my photography muscles.



An addition to my job description

As Chief Mommy Officer, CMO, I have added a new bullet point to my resume.
I am now officially Killian’s Personal Assistant. As you have read before I am trying to “make it happen” with the different play dates just to make sure we get out of the house and so I can meet some new friends. I am so thankful to God that His plan involved coming to Bangkok with a child, otherwise I have no idea how I would make any friends, kids are the icebreaker for every single conversation. With that being said I search the Internet daily at nap time to find us activities to do during the week. I think I have just about planned out our week for the most part, which is needed to keep Master Horace on a schedule to prevent any meltdowns.

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Big girls don’t cry

Of the expat women that I have met, probably around 10 or so I have actually had conversations with, all of them have said that when they had first arrived in Bangkok they cried all the time for months and months. I am sure it is because of the shock of being away from family, the culture, the noise, the city, and much more. I am proud to report being here 2 weeks today I have not cried once. I know this move was meant to be and I feel in my heart that this is home. It’s weird to say that but even when we are here in our temporary housing (which really is just a nice hotel) I still fell like I am at home. I guess that is because all I need to make it feel like “home” is being with my boys.

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Play dates aren’t just for our kids

I’m learning making friends in Bangkok isn’t so hard. I have always been outgoing, never to shy, and genuinely enjoy talking to others. This is a skill that has been honed and I believe made better from my time campaigning and I am very grateful for that skill. The other day I was looking on the moms group website and I found another (soon to be) mom on the website that said she was new to the area so I decided I would throw myself out there and I gave her my number and said if she wanted to get together to just give me a call! Not 30 minutes later she did! Later she told me she was telling her husband that she a worried she was to “keen” calling so soon! Come to find out, we expat moms who are home while our husbands are working, are all in the same boat!

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Mission Impossible?

(Insert mission impossible theme music)
Becky your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go out and make a friend.
Today we got up and I was determined to find my playgroup of this moms group that I have joined. I find where it is and have written out my directions to give to the cab driver and then I think I will call to confirm that there is a meeting at the preschool before I make the trip. First I email, no response, then I call the coordinator of the play group, no response, I then call the preschool and she says she never heard from the group coordinator to know if they were meeting there or not… Great… To be honest I was a little upset. I was really looking forward to doing something today on our own. Then I decide we are going to the park!

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True love isn’t made with jewelry and flowers (but it doesn’t hurt either)

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Not so much because I was lonely but because Killian is having a hard time adjusting to sleep. He is beyond clingy and whinny and I understand that he is frustrated but at the same time after a while I (as any mom can relate) get worn out with the crying, it just drains me. After an entire day of upset baby, we decide we will meet Chris off of the BTS to go have dinner. Chris didn’t get to us until around 6 and that is prime Killian bath and bed time so he was already in a mood. We try and go to dinner and have to leave as soon as we sit down because Killian can’t handle it. By this time I am tired, emotionally drained, and starving. We decide to go back to the condo to try and give Killian something for dinner but he refuses and we then put him to bed. I finally have a moment to myself and Chris has to run out to get dishwasher soap for me. So he knows I am in a mood and hungry and wants to do something thoughtful.

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Yesterday was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even write about it when I got home.

The night before I try to do laundry in the washer dryer combo machine that really can only hold about 3 pieces of clothing at a time and boy that was an adventure in and of itself. First I run one load of clothes and I don’t know how to work the machine so no soap gets to the clothes to actually wash them. I ask Chris to get me the manual to figure it out and he shouts from the kitchen “would you like the Thai or Japanese version”. Awesome. So then Chris takes a crack at it and finally there is soap in the mix now. Now it’s time to dry the clothes, who knew how long this would take! It took all night of the machine beeping and then I took some clothes out to make it dry faster and nope that didn’t work… So I just took all the clothes out and hung them up around the condo. Blah. I miss my washing machine and dryer and especially them being 2 separate machines…

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First Day as CEO (or should I say CMO: Chief Mommy Officer)

I was a little nervous to start my day as CEO/CMO of Master Horace Enterprises, a local (soon to be) an international nonprofit group. Our day started at 5 am because Master Horace didn’t get the memo that we “fell” back an hour with Day Lights Savings Time. There was a lot of crying this morning since Master Horace was ready to be up and mommy was not. I eventually gave in and we started our day a little earlier than I had wanted. (Luckily, in Thailand they do not observe Day Light Savings Time so I won’t have to fight this battle for another 4 years). We ventured to the grocery store at 7 am, since we were up and dressed, why not right?! We made it back home in time for some playtime and then we had to get ready to go get my last vaccine for our impending journey. Killi went down for a nap without a fight and slept for 2.5 hours. So in the two and half hours of nap time I was able to put away clean dishes, wash dishes, 2 loads of laundry, pick up the entire house, make his lunch for when he wakes up, watch Dr. Phil, and write this blog! After his nap we went to the park and then to the ENT to schedule surgery for Killian to get tubes in his ears before we leave the country. At the very end of the day I was laying on the couch, my son came over to me, I gave him a kiss, he then went to play with a toy. He came back and gave me my first “real” slobbery baby kiss. I believe that was the best affirmation I could have received. That slobber running down my face was Killi’s way of saying “job well done mom”. I thank God that my first day has been a breeze. I know this is not the norm but it is nice that God and Killian gave me a break today! It actually makes me feel like I can do this whole stay at home mom thing!

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