Update on our living situation

We are currently living in a service apartment, which is our halfway house, until we find our permanent home. It is a nice place with a nice view, as you have seen from some of the pictures. Today we went apartment hunting again and we found the place that we will call home for our time here in Bangkok! Our new home will not be available until February 15th but it is worth the wait. It is bigger than our home in Greenville with 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, and a balcony overlooking the city. The view is from the 8th floor, we would have liked to have been higher up but the great part about this location is a huge home was just built right in front of the building, which means there is no way a skyscraper is going to block our perfect view, in addition we get to see a beautiful house on the ground floor instead of the slums.

This apartment comes with a full kitchen, which seems like a silly thing to say but they do not believe in ovens here and I have one!! The apartment building has 2 pools, 2 Playrooms with AC, 2 gyms, tennis courts, and so much more. It is a brand new building, just finished last year, it is modern, and beautiful. We are so fortunate that they were willing to negotiate to fit our/michelins budget.

In addition to our new place we have hired a nanny/maid! While at the playgroup I asked my New Zealand friend for advice on how to go about getting a babysitter. I asked if I were to go through a service or what. She said “no you need a nanny”. “Ummmm no I don’t need a nanny just a babysitter.” She said people don’t really go through a service they just get a nanny and they watch them at night. Great… A nanny…. Ok how do I go about finding a trustworthy nanny that isn’t going to sell my child while we are on a date? She continues to tell me about her friend that is having to move back to New Zealand and she just sent out an email to all of their friends trying to find a new home/job for her nanny Bai (pronounced bye). She goes on to explain how picky her friend is (so Bai must be awesome) and how much they love Bai and only has the best things to say about her. I ask for her to forward me the email and I put an email out to the friend. Within the day I have made contact with the lady that is moving and she has told me all about Bai and has scheduled a time for us to interview her. Bai speaks english very well and has had 20+ years experience as a nanny/maid and has been with the family for more than 6 years. She cooks, cleans, does laundry, shops, and will BABYSIT!

Like I said before I don’t really need a nanny, I’m not going to lie having someone clean and do the laundry for the next 4 years is going to be awesome but I don’t need a nanny… She said she would take Killian to the park and whatnot and I said no you can come with me and Killian to the park if you want but I am not the mom to go out and shop while someone else raises my child. I explained to her that I really just want someone to watch him while he naps for 4 hours a day, this will be the perfect time for me to go volunteer at the orphanage. Bai is basically going to be my guide around the town, my Thai cooking instructor, babysitter, Killian’s Thai language teacher (she is only going to communicate with him in Thai), and hopefully a friend and part of the family.

I am amazed at how God has poured out His blessings on us.

I was told the safest place to be is in Gods will and that is so true.



  1. I was wondering when you were going to get a “nanny,” That’s awesome! I had what we called (in India), an “Ayah” who took care of us from birth, changed our diapers, fed us our meals (after the cook made the food), did some light work around the house, took us to the park, etc. She was in our household till I was about 20 or 21, although I had left for England at the age of 13 1/2, but she still stayed on and helped around the house. It gave my Mom time to go out to the market or just visit some friends for a tea and adult companionship. As long as you have someone trustworthy, like it seems you have, you will have the life of a queen! You may not want to come back to the US; you will be spoiled just like I was! I had to “wake up” rather fast in England as no one tolerated my lazy attitude! Just remember one thing – if Bai wants to help you, let her. I think my Ayah was a little upset when I returned home for a holiday and she caught me ironing my clothes. She told me it was her JOB! I had become so independent and since she was old, I was showing respect for her age and didn’t want her to tax herself. I was wrong, because I actually hurt her feelings. So I told her “next time” but tried to have my clothes ironed before she came on duty. So glad things are looking good for you.

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