Play dates aren’t just for our kids

I’m learning making friends in Bangkok isn’t so hard. I have always been outgoing, never to shy, and genuinely enjoy talking to others. This is a skill that has been honed and I believe made better from my time campaigning and I am very grateful for that skill. The other day I was looking on the moms group website and I found another (soon to be) mom on the website that said she was new to the area so I decided I would throw myself out there and I gave her my number and said if she wanted to get together to just give me a call! Not 30 minutes later she did! Later she told me she was telling her husband that she a worried she was to “keen” calling so soon! Come to find out, we expat moms who are home while our husbands are working, are all in the same boat!

I am really enjoying the different life here in Bangkok, not so much the street food, but the awesome diversity of people. For example, I have my New Zealand friend, my new friend from the UK (who by the way had never had a PB&J until we had our play date), my one American friend, and the nicest Aussie family that we met today on the BTS (they helped us carry Killian up the stairs and then helped me fight my way through the crowds). I felt like I was back home in the south where a person just offers to help just because they saw I needed a hand, first time that has happened here…for the most part no one really helps they just “run” me over and don’t really care there is a baby in a stroller…

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”
-Jimmy Carter


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