Big girls don’t cry

Of the expat women that I have met, probably around 10 or so I have actually had conversations with, all of them have said that when they had first arrived in Bangkok they cried all the time for months and months. I am sure it is because of the shock of being away from family, the culture, the noise, the city, and much more. I am proud to report being here 2 weeks today I have not cried once. I know this move was meant to be and I feel in my heart that this is home. It’s weird to say that but even when we are here in our temporary housing (which really is just a nice hotel) I still fell like I am at home. I guess that is because all I need to make it feel like “home” is being with my boys.

In my continuing efforts “to make it happen”, today I signed Killian up for swim lessons at Bangkok Dolphins. It’s an accredited swim school that works with kids of all ages, in addition this is a chance for me to meet some more moms! I figured it was a good idea to sign him up since he had his first interaction with a pool last week and he was pretty freaked out. Instead of a playgroup next week I decided to try something different for next week and join a soccer group for kids. They have a club called kiddy kicks and for children under 2 they have free lessons/playtime with the soccer ball at different fields around the city. The reason I thought to look into soccer is because Killian started kicking his ball, all by himself -meaning I hadn’t shown him how to do this but I think it is because his Shaun the Sheep cartoon had the sheep playing a game of soccer, which he giggle through the entire skit. I’m also pretty pumped it should make him dog tired and maybe just maybe he will sleep past 7:45….

My hope is that with swimming lessons, soccer, a playgroup, an art class, and a music class at Gymboree each week we should stay pretty busy and hopefully I will meet some more moms!

How could I possibly cry when I am this busy?! Well maybe I could cry for a chickfila…. Man, I miss chickfila… Ooooo and 5 Guys



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  1. Glad to hear you are settling in so well. Time flies by so fast and before you know it, you will be wishing you could stay on. You will master the language and (just a thought) may want to take Hindi lessons if you plan to go to India, although English is spoken there. Nice to read about all your escapades. Hoping you are reading all the comments I have been sending.

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